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avatar MonkeySam

Level: 9   Joined: April 2012  

194 XP (2 to next level)

Latest Games

My tailor is rich. May 30th +1 xp


A horse named dog takes horrible FB pic May 28th +4 xp


the hulk picks up his kids from daycare May 27th +6 xp


Baby jesus May 27th +1 xp


Watson, grab my pipe... DEDUCTION!!! May 27th +4 xp


Doctor Who and Midget enjoy Starbucks. May 27th +5 xp


Indy finds ancient chocolate waterfalls. May 27th +9 xp


bandit carrot hold up bank May 27th +7 xp


Silver surfer's board cuts human in two May 27th +6 xp