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avatar Andrew136

Level: 1   Joined: April 2012  

8 XP (2 to next level)

Latest Games

I dont play FPS but when I do, I play BF3. Apr 22nd +0 xp


Drunk native-american lost his job Apr 20th +0 xp


a bunch of birds invading a gardener Apr 20th +0 xp


2 monks discussing the plural of octopus Apr 20th +0 xp


Methed up D compains about drugs Apr 19th +3 xp


Angel gets tracheotomy, does Macarena Apr 19th +1 xp


T-rex eats a spider Apr 19th +1 xp


Mexican Wields Sockpuppet with Burning Utensils Apr 19th +0 xp


Stone Cold Steve Austin is Gladiator Apr 19th +0 xp


man happy about setting smelly water on fire Apr 19th +1 xp


Tongue depressor plays guitar for acorn scouts Apr 19th +1 xp