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avatar Zoran Grubic

Level: 33   Joined: April 2012   Location: Sremski Karlovci

863 XP (44 to next level)

Latest Games

I want to be that ship USS Enterprise Jan 22nd +22 xp


truck driving off a cliff Jan 1st +0 xp blitz


Fog machine set to "1 ! -o- purple" Nov 28th +18 xp


Assemble the Battle Gears and Prepare... Nov 27th +24 xp


Sonic The Hedgehog's hot new single. Nov 27th +2 xp


Captain Planet wanted mayo. Nov 27th +90 xp


Intelligent green leg Nov 25th +3 xp


Dception traps CookieMonster in fishtank Nov 23rd +17 xp


Cute but fuzzy butterfly queen Nov 13th +7 xp


Arthur vs Gilgamesh Nov 7th +1 xp


Bulletproof Banana not so Bulletproof Nov 7th +0 xp


Singing rainbow shark Nov 7th +4 xp