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avatar Tyler6236

Level: 7   Joined: May 2012  

129 XP (18 to next level)

Latest Games

Stuffed Koala Jul 30th +2 xp


Poorly draw Chubaca beats a well drawn one Jul 30th +12 xp


Man comforts burn victim Jul 30th +1 xp


Angry man stomps purple pony Jul 30th +4 xp


Major fail Jul 30th +0 xp


Boom da photo Jul 30th +2 xp


Doctor not sure if hairy woman or queer man Jan 15th +4 xp


snail chasing peanut thats chasing thief Nov 8th +2 xp


[panel removed] Nov 8th +1 xp blitz


Red triangle recites Hamlet soliloquy Nov 8th +6 xp blitz


debating how great it was Nov 8th +3 xp