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avatar Luwano

Level: 52   Joined: June 2012   Location: Munich

3489 XP (316 to next level)

Latest Games

New device turns black into blue May 25th +1 xp


Wicked DragonBat sprays ice snot. Mar 10th +5 xp


hats wearing ducks! Mar 9th +7 xp


Deadpool vs. Deathstroke Apr 20th +28 xp


League of Legends Mord Apr 17th +80 xp


Nochalant invasion Apr 17th +37 xp


Sun shatters the rusted chains of prison moons Apr 16th +29 xp


Attack on-attack on- Titanception Apr 15th +10 xp


Sonic the Hedgehog cries blood. Apr 15th +5 xp


Camping on Mars Apr 15th +15 xp