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avatar Luwano

Level: 53   Joined: June 2012   Location: Munich

4087 XP (172 to next level)

Latest Games

An Ood surrounded by smiley faces Dec 9th +5 xp


Army man thinks the bra belongs to Batman Nov 21st +27 xp


Jason doesn't like that rock. Nov 20th +4 xp


confused green elephant Nov 20th +7 xp


Ye Olde Royal News Nov 19th +33 xp


Cyborg meerkat. Nov 19th +12 xp


City on fire at sunset, arsonist nearby. Nov 18th +18 xp


Ostrich can't take any more of Grass's lies Nov 18th +9 xp


Old Pinocchio as a human Nov 18th +4 xp


Admiral Ackbar infiltrates Daesh Nov 18th +4 xp


Evil Gumby lights city on fire Nov 16th +2 xp