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avatar Kimiko

Level: 3   Joined: April 2012   Location: Mostly Harmless

31 XP (19 to next level)

Latest Games

skrillex Apr 5th +1 xp


Elmo, wearing a bathrobe, flees from Predators Apr 5th +2 xp


Small boy finds kitten in box at park Apr 5th +1 xp


Pie in the sky Apr 5th +1 xp



Bill Nye the Science Guy Apr 3rd +5 xp


A Scutter from Red Dwarf Apr 3rd +0 xp


I heard it through the grapewine Apr 3rd +0 xp


Out of dilithium crystals Apr 3rd +2 xp


Professor X Looks at a flight of stairs. Apr 3rd +1 xp