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avatar durfi

Level: 3   Joined: April 2012  

47 XP (3 to next level)

Latest Games

Super Devil crying Apr 10th +0 xp


There is a Burger King on the sofa Apr 9th +3 xp


Duck wizards in space Apr 9th +10 xp


Fist bumping between man-rabbit and sad dog Apr 9th +3 xp


Flying snake! HELP! Apr 9th +3 xp


Wedding, they say "I do!" Apr 9th +1 xp


Orange neon lowercase lambda Apr 9th +2 xp


Couple without furniture enjoy TV dinner Apr 8th +1 xp


Brown snakes dance at giant snake on stone Apr 8th +6 xp


The One Ring Apr 8th +2 xp


magnet Apr 8th +2 xp


a slice of bread fishing a red fish Apr 8th +2 xp