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Congrats to Batrachus for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this drawing caption contest.

"No thanks, I prefer Bindows."
By Batrachus

Yes, iCan!

By Andrew.

Yes, iCan.

By psychohamster

Steve Jobs:"Bet you I can make em buy garbage"

By Elpablosilva


By ChristyLeigh12

It looked better on paper.

By MafiaPotato

Introducing--who cares, you'll buy it anyway.

By King of the Horseflies

Oscar the Grouch sold out to Apple Inc.

By leilei

Apple News: Oscar the Grouch updated to iOS7

By imnotfried

iTrash my money.

By Zrikee

The new Apple iTrash. Throw your money away!

By Brian90645

Oscar upgrades to an Apple product.

By King of the Horseflies

Apple: Garbage In, Garbage Out

By Joey Michaels

Apple's game console is modeled after XBox One

By JJJoshua

iTrash: Same object, new name, higher price.

By KWReyes

What apple comes up with since Steve Jobs died

By Ignika

Costs more to iTrash your iPhone, so iKeep it!

By ChristyLeigh12

Apple will try to sell anything these days.

By Graham80186

"Apple.. this design has BIN done."

By Rollerbob

Open the 'Windows'.. New Apple product stinks.

By DeJMan

"iCan" For holding products over one year old.

By sumolegend

The NEW iCan Sh17: OS XII Raccoon INCLUDED!

By Fuubi

Where do the tech apple cores go?

By Dimp

The I-Trash is total garbage

By The pork of chops

Apple iBin

By Pedrino

iCan does it all;even recycles Foxconn jumpers

By GrimbyBECK

Introducing the world's most expensive trash..

By Lololee

Apple's idea of a "Recycling Bin"

By Druddy

Apple shamelessly gouges Oscar the Grouch

By JJJoshua

Apple: Making simple things more expensive

By JacktheRipper

The Apple iCan: Innovating Pollution

By JacktheRipper

I-trash gaming console for only 1000

By jawado

The iTrash: new, overpriced garbage by Apple

By A ferret is on your head

Bums will save up for this.

By Finnle

Don't throw in any products with 'Flash' on it

By Doulou

Oscar the Grouch is Apples new Tech Developer

By SSJCrono

Here's the new Apple console: the Crapintosh!

By Lazberg

iBin: the recyclable & Internet-ready trashcan

By Ryal

Plug in to the garbage that is apple products

By andrewleesc

Where all iProducts go to die

By Deafice

Steve Ballmer becomes Apple's CEO

By mimoprohodil

Preorder iBin to recieve a copy of iTrash

By Karo

iOS7 in the spotlight!

By Joe HF


By Adar11238

The New ITrash! Sold in an alleyway near you!

By EspressoTurnover

Apple doesnt understand core aspects of gaming

By mcd

Apple presents the $1000 iGarbage.

By I am the Demoman

Spotlight on Apple's Exclusive Garbage Gamble

By photonrider

Exibit A(pple); how to beat a dead horse

By TaintedTruffle

Apple crapper

By Jinnxi

The only Apple product in there is the Newton.

By crappyusernamefromhell

Introducing iTrash, a world-changing invention

By Druddy

Urn with Steve Jobs' remains, with controller!

By Jenkins8624

I trash

By miniscalope

Introducing the Apple iTrash (iOS7 compatible)

By Frotchpop

The new MacPro is an overpriced trash can.

By grablikazi

Apple's latest project: The iTrash

By McSquiggleFace

The new iBin helps dispose of rotting Apples

By Harrison2437

iTrash is the highlight of 2013!


The new apple iRony, only $1000!

By Jo Hammet

Apple:The Musical starring Oscar the Grouch

By Duck806

The truth about Apple is finally revealed

By Kyraryc

Apple trashcan w/ price of 1000 bucks, lid off

By RyanH0013


By Adar11238

Another Apple product you'll regret buying

By OooOOOoOo

Presenting iCan!!

By Sunshinee49

trash apple

By kittycatfish

iDumpster, uPlay

By yonizaf

For once apple lives up to its name

By The pork of chops

Apple have bin forced down by profits.

By DexterMaximus

Apple iTrash by Apple! Now iTrashier! APPLE!

By ChristyLeigh12

$1000 of trash...

By SirCatman

iTrash? Apple is getting desperate nowadays.

By TheDudeLebowski

Introducing Apple's new gaming console, iTrash

By Protodile

to combat microsoft, apple created... the Ican

By Angela425

Introducing the new Itrash!!! Only 1,000 bucks

By Batir

One bad Apple, nonetheless best of the bunch

By mcd

Another thrashy Apple game

By Buurvrouw Bob

the vision of apple future

By zzWax

Apple. Cheaper than trash!!

By AmBeRaZaNu.

Apple release their new console, the iBin

By Jimlaad43

iTrash, only $1000!!!

By Michola

This game system is trash of the town

By Ignika

The apple i bin! This changes everything!

By Mohd like wiping your butt with silk

By thorsini

Apple's new revolutionary product: iTrashCan

By OooOOOoOo

Apple's new iTrash is just like other products

By misterpitters

apple develops storage for post-Jobs products


Throw away money, and get trash apple phone!

By r0ckstar1016

iTrash stores all of your Apple products.

By YenMuffin

apple is recycled garbage

By whatever

digital trashcan

By Maria Reptilen61615

Now Apple is rubbish, rubbish removed only lit

By Pablochispa2

Apples new trashes product I-trash

By The pork of chops

And now introducing...the iTrash! Now for $10k

By OnionMan

Google puts out fake ad for iTrash the new Mac

By iamthewalrus

Old rubbish apple products are expensive.

By dianinhasXD

iTrash now in the Spotlight!

By kenoobe

The iBin 5s console

By Shoehorning_Bubble

Apple is an expensive old trash!

By dianinhasXD

Apple Inc: Buy the trash we sell !!!

By AmBeRaZaNu.

I-TrashCan: The newest gaming console.

By Vasconium

iTrash new from your friends at Apple! $1k

By MailWork

New ITrash only $1000!

By Tanet

Apple introduces the iTrashcan gaming console

By fizzycul_violins

What'll happen if Apple starts making consoles

By cromwell7244396

Introducing.... The iGarbage!

By Ignika

Store your Macs and Iphones in the new iCan!

By The Lerf

NEW Gen XXI iTrash!!! Charger sold separately.

By player8793

iTrashcan costs 1000

By GustavML