Caption this Drawing caption contest

Congrats to Sailor Rick for the winning entry and 50 coin prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this Drawing caption contest.

"A "B" Cs "D" " by Sailor Rick

All Entries

A "B" Cs "D"

By Sailor Rick

It is A B, but we C the D.

By Domino Boy 08

see the bee. be the bee. draw the bee.

By SylveonGirl23

Beauty is in 'D eye' of the BEEholder

By jmf028

Top 10 Anime Battles

By IWantMyRevolver

Honey? More like 'HonEYE'! [Laughtrack]

By StellarKyra


By memethyst

"Are you sure this is a flower?"

By FlurryIce

Getting a closer look isn't advised

By TheGamingKitten

You would not beelieve your eyes

By TrackpadTraces

911, there's a god damn bee in my house.

By SmiIeyFace

When you realize It's bee week

By Sam Panda

I shouldn't have entered this contest!

By [ deleted ]

Whatever you do, dont blink.

By JRBkid

Beau-D is in the eye of the bee-holder

By [ deleted ]

You like drawzz?

By Seamsylphs

A B Cs A D

By Lex Loser

The beauty is in the eye of the BEEholder.

By th3l0g

Art is the eye of the beeholder

By Cortexiphan7

Beauty is in the eye of the "bee-holder"

By ZealousGriffin1


By IAmNotJeremyPowell


By FlySkunk

B C's the D

By Yevgeny The Photon

You have to see it to bee-lieve it!

By HoboJobo

Could this be God Himself?

By Sierra Hotel

Drawception is in the eye of the Beeholder

By AndreLoupGarou

B sees D in I.

By MostlyProfanity

Drawception is in the eye of the BEEholder.

By ChaosPepsi


By Birdplane Bird

Hive got my eye on you, beebee

By Digit

You won't bee-lieve your eye!

By RedXephyr

Drawception is in the eye of the Bee-holder

By Joe HF

Any Bee Can Be A D In The Eye Of The Beholder

By Rarely Funny


By ElQwerty

Beauty is in the eye of the BEEholder.

By NeverDescribe

Drawception is in the eye of the bee-holder

By Butterflyeffect

EYE can't BEElieve it!

By NateTheGr8

In the Eye of the Beeholder

By Gabrielle Wolf

drawceptions BEE-ing watched (not clickbait)

By total junk

Beauty is in the Eye of the B E E H O L D E R

By CheckersGuy

un-bee-lieveable discovery

By willyswagster

Inspiration comes from the smallest things.


Staring into the eyes of the beest

By Tyler L

The Eye of The Beeholder

By Dunderhyphenp

Beeware of Bee week, it watches unnoticed

By Jorv

Beauty is in D eye of the BEEholder

By DanteVale

BEEtween you and me, you're the chubBEEer one.

By cocopigs

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

By Baymax456

drawception is the bee's kne... eyes....yeah..

By imaliveiswear

You won't beelieve your eyes

By SnowySnowcloud

Staring contest, BEEgin!

By Sarah Wall


By Gebo Kabab

In the eye of the beeholder, one can see Creation

By Someguyinhere


By Citrus

The Very First Bee In Drawception!

By Blushie


By Cameo101

*whispers* BEEhold the Bee Movie 2!

By cocopigs

Gurl you got eyes as sweet as honey

By LilToadie

D...did you let out those bees again?

By SauceHead

The bee stole my wife

By I dunno

Prepare your anus for bee week

By Darkballad

Drawception Bee realises it's Drawception D!

By Ohbaby69

Drawception in the eye of the bee-holder.

By TheChaoticToast

Eye beelieve in Drawception

By Cortexiphan7

Beauty is in the eye of the BEEholder

By bevardiva

Greatest staring contest ever

By Ravenpuff

The True form of Drawception is revealed.

By marsbars

There's no turning back from bee week

By [ deleted ]

"i see you" more like "eye bee you"

By memethyst

Beeauty is in the Eye of the Beeholder

By Eighty8

Drawception is in the Eye of the Beekeeper

By Maya Z

BEEauty is in the eye of the BEE-holder.

By Wolfus

James Bound (Or 007) Intro But With Bees

By jacob_kenndey

"And I saw D eath in its eyes."

By GooglyMoogly

The D is in the eye of the BEEholder

By cruzzzkath

To bee in drawception , or not to bee.

By ShadowCat8

Bees Have Discovered the Meaning of Life

By Hawkfish

Eye of the BEEholder

By Allsome1o1

Sting like the artist you are.

By [ deleted ]

Eye bee you.

By Apache

Dont let the hate sting, keep your eyes open.

By [ deleted ]

Beauty in the eye of the beeholder

By Space Dorito


By hollyleaf

Eye can't B-lieve C-ing these D-tails

By Schal

In the eye of the beeholder

By IAmNotJeremyPowell

The drawing is in the eye of the beeholder

By EmWes_t

"How bad is my eye prescription?..."

By PeachyKeene

ya like jazz?

By JinxTheD00dler

Bee and The Beast

By Cymko

Bee Finds Source of all Drawception Nectar

By okjoe1

When a bee hits your eye like a big pizza pie!

By Dr J

A Bee is BEEsides a furious BEEast.

By NeverDescribe

Drawception D meets Drawception B.

By SentretSparkle

I Sense the Determination in Your Eyes

By Gabrielle Wolf

Uhh.. Honey..I think it wants to kill me..

By Wolfie2007


By YoureDisgUstin

Drawception: in the eye of the bee-holder..

By Toadlena

BEEauty is in the eye of the BEEholder

By Rihards Rožāns

Eye bee you

By SuavePenguin

Mr Bee had never cooked a better fried egg.

By Monsieur Chevrefeuille

Bee discovers portal to Drawception

By [ deleted ]

Beauty is in the eye of the Beeholder

By Sarramiah

eye see a bee

By janakey

Bee taking nectar from Drawception flower

By NapsterGastly

Drawception Eagle Sees a Bee

By StarlightCanine

Bee-auty is in the eye(or D) of the bee-holder

By JellyBellyButton

Sir, this might sting a little

By Komtur

Beauty's in the Eye of the Bee-Holder

By iTry To Draw

It's bees. *Suspenseful music*

By fabuloushufflepuff

Drawception D says "Eye can't beelieve it!"

By Binturong

In the eye of the bee-holder

By BluGummi

The eye of the bee-holder

By Translated

There's a B on your D... on your eye.

By SuperMarioGamerX

Drawception is in the Eye of the Beeholder

By Ludwig van Halen

Drawception is the eye of the Bee-holder

By RudyTabootie

Drawception's Bee Week Starts World Domination

By Doodle Squad

I'm BEEsides myself with BEEwilderment.

By NeverDescribe

Beauty is in the eye of the BEEholder

By Riukkuyo93

What you see beefore you die

By FunGuy

Bee talks to his mother, the bee is adopted.

By IfJamWasFreeIdBeDead

The top game is in the eye of the beeholder

By Tarazan

I cannot BEElieve I can see the drawception.

By Ravenmoondust

A very bad place to get stung by a bee.

By Delete_85

Drawception mascot being brutally stung.

By CheesyFriez (ThatCheesyD

Bee Is About To Attack, Drawception Watches...

By [ deleted ]


By nickoolaid

Brave bee challenging the great mother D

By [ deleted ]

bee staring straight in the eyes of the artist

By llamanation11

I C w/ my little D something beginning w/ ..B!

By LissuPii

D(rawception) is in the eye of the bee-holder

By GradyDraw

Join in on the buzz, and keep drawing.

By [ deleted ]

The eye of Drawception shows future to a bee.

By DobbyTheHousElf

BEEauty is in the eye of the BEEholder

By Rihards Rožāns

i am you... but stronger.

By Plushtrap


By Grand Old Quality

In the Eye of the Bee-holder

By pokepika8

"That ain't no B..."

By dotJpeg

The Drawception Bee

By Lakit

Bee meets D

By Lakit

BEE Ready for Drawception's Bee Week!

By SoloRoko

beeception in drawceptionception

By Unknown289

Beelieve in yourself, I can see it in your eye

By Jet Jaguar

Beauty is in the eye of the beeholder.

By racistpuff

On closer inspection this bee is drawception..

By GBYoshi

Bee in polluted wave going to drawception

By Strangeinterruptions

Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder

By Shash Yacus

Bee stares into the Drawception eyes of death

By A Weird Panda

Drawception is in the eye of the bee-holder

By Tunasammich

Beauty is in the eye that the bee is holding

By mattt

Bee on drugs

By qwazx

Drawception is in the eye of the bee-holder

By JazzyCatty

You better not sting me!

By Ravenpuff

My bee-friend noticed the D was branded on my eye

By Janbreur

"Our egg is not a B, it's a D!"

By a fluffy bunny

King of the sky meets the Queen of the hive

By Tarazan

Do bees have Drawception? Duh..

By Mr Bink

A Bee seing a drawception in himself

By AnOrdinaryFox

The Queen Bee searches for the Drawception D

By CyanTheAwesome

Bee contemplates the meaning of life

By BananaramaDiscord

beauty's in the bee of the eye-holder

By Mirza16498

The D saw the Bee

By PowerPikachu


By Pinkra5

And soo. Bee and Wolf, found their "drewstiny"

By Antu

The Eye of Man Sees Bee as Drawception D

By CherryGrabber

Bee in the eye of the beholder

By Platypus01

Beeeeeeeeee impressed

By Xx Untitled xX

A Bee Thinks Your Eye Is A Flower

By zim zam the space man

Drawceptibird and the bees

By Bubby

and so we see the bee inspecting the rare eye

By fishstick5000

Fly high to the top like the artist you are.

By [ deleted ]

Bees are D's in my eyes

By Buurvrouw Bob

Bee approaches the eye of Drawception

By Mrmetaknight875345

Damn I'm glad I got a plastic surgery! :)

By Beautiazn

Drawception Bee

By DanielFrias

Beefore the eyes of another Beeing

By pearlywhirl

Beauty is in the Eye of the Bee-Holder

By ZealousGriffin1

A Bee Stares Into The Eye Of Death

By CrashQuartz

Small Bee Wondering What A Yellow Pupil Is

By Unicycle

This Bee's F*CKED!

By Croak

The B and the D

By ritz666


By Mike Wazowski

Reed Finds Inspiration To Create Bee Week

By Matr Vincent

The Bee is a Insect that says BZZZZZZZ

By PhillipRocks45

A bee(b) sees a D in an eye(i)

By buzzfeedsomething

Bee and Eagle connect spiritually.

By Nerdorito

Bee see's D inside the eye of a bird

By SkyKnight

A bee witnesses the birth of golden purity

By Pixelized8125

Baby drawception bee reborn!

By xXxEmilyxXx

this bee knows that drawception is the bee god

By the criticisor

bee the eye

By comiclizard

You want to fight, huh? So bee it!

By ElQwerty

wasp looking into bears eye "ShowdowN"

By Gundamboi10

Bees bee getting inside your eye

By Pinking

"Holy sh*% i'ts a bee!" said the dragon thing

By Toastandbacon

I can't bee-lieve it's drawception!

By TheGiantEatingFairy!

look into the eye of the beeholder

By nightsky

This bee's eye seems a bit swollen...

By TimeToDrawAFewThings

There's a bee in my eye!

By Student Lucas Wilsbacher

Bee looks in the eye of Drawception itself.

By SnowySnowcloud

Drawception loves to watch bees

By MarshmalloNinja

Bee sees d in the eyes of a biger bee

By DoobaDoobaDoo

Bee stares into eye of drawceptions bee palete

By Lillymeow

Drawception logo doesn't let a bee pass by

By Pearl the salt Shaker

A bee found a nest with a drawception egg.

By NotGotBot

bee looks down straw at drawception logo

By Da Bomb0929

A Bee Sees D In An Eye

By cyberandrew2

He sees the bees D

By NorcXeXPi

Lone bee exits vault 833 to find the honeychip

By halfdecaf

A bee drawing an eagle's eye with the DC symbo

By Tlovesmax Campbell

I can totally sting its eye and get away!

By ThePunMaster

Beauty is in the Eye of the Bee-holder

By inkyyy

The most beeutifull drawing ever!

By SoulWart

Bee found drawception in its honey

By Viniceius

bee sees drawception D in the eye of god

By ShuFish

Uprising of the Bees

By ladykhamara

Bee looking at drawception logo

By holinhed

How can I play Drawception now??

By Stronk Poland Hussar

When I see a bee near me

By Toastandbacon

The bee will always be the center of attention

By [ deleted ]

bee lookin into cateye drawception behind bee.

By Strangeinterruptions

Wolf and Bee have a staring competition

By The Living Embodiment Of

Bee found ancient Drawception Treasure

By khloe64

spelling bee spelling D in a spelling bees eye

By Juliusdraws

The Drawception Lord is talking to Bees

By Changed Username

A bee meets a giant bee who made drawception

By TheIronicNerd

The birds and the bees of D

By SkyKnight

Barry B. Benson looks at the Drawception eye

By jordangaming101

Bee looks through Heaven's Eyes, finds DC.

By Ladondorf

Furry epidemic on Drawception draws in bee.

By mothermother56

A bee looks into the soul of Drawception

By ThatTC

there might be a place for this bee....

By Twyla Landofstories 14

unbeelievable Art of beeception


The bee inside your mind

By LillieSenpai

Bee watching a drawception egg

By AveAve05

Drawception bee-ing ready for bee week

By Mini pekka

Bee Looking into the eyes of Drawception

By MotherofCats

A bee flying into a bird's eye.


there will bee more drawception games

By theblandidea101

Miscommunication is in the eye of the bee-hold

By Nikke nakke

Bee looking inside a bee's eye and see Drawcep

By IILookAtCheese

Bee sees himself reflected in dragons eye

By CreativeName01

Bee's eyeball is actually the drawception logo

By Chris Livingston

Be infiltrating the drawception vault

By keylime

Everything's hive in the eye of a bee

By Annie Whovian

Falcon's eye meeting a bee's

By TheSwaggiestLoser

Owl to devour unsuspecting bee

By NavyBlueBunny

supernatural man angry at bee

By [ deleted ]

Bee tending to the drawception obsessed queen

By Mun

A Bee Staring at Drawception Inside a Pupil

By TheFatPika

Bees are coming for Drawception

By DewyBob12

A wasp making eye contact with a human

By GothUnicorns

Bee looks into the eye of a Drawception Beast

By Lunamoon12

The bee's friend drifts away into white space

By deskill

A bee next to the eye of a bald eagle

By King DryBones1

Bee-ye Bye Drawception Eye

By ShadowArt

Staring contest through the eye of DRAWCEPTION

By Lunar Blitz

Drawception finds the secret bee cave

By Wia Rainbow

Who could it bee?Beelieve it or not it's me!

By wellwellwhale

Bee staring at Drawception amulet

By Zycron Shade Barcomb

drawception inside an egg

By Ethan Golka

Bee Looking into the eye of Drawception

By WinniethePoohandMLPYes T

Drawception controls minds with bees

By Micetrinity

Bee stares into eye and sees D at stake

By Dekaru Deku

Bee looks into the powerful Drawspiration Eye

By Hayhay201

Eagle's fear bees

By Raigu

when a bee gets to close : drawception edition

By coolskeliton95

Batman thinks bees ruined Drawception

By Hawt Beanz

A bee next to an eye in a earth crack with dc D

By Reaper Papyrus61

Colony collapse disorder

By BullzEye1001

"This bee looks ready to take some vacations"

By Marco Oliveira

Bee has a starring contest w/ giant hairy Bird

By Get REDy to draw

bee stinging a drawception eye

By geobin

Bee stares into the D reflected in an eye

By Alithia

a Bee saw a Tiger staring at Drawception

By OrangeLenny

The Bee Only Sees Drawception

By Sh0gunTurt1e

Bee infiltrating the drawception vault

By keylime

Bee is curious about Drawception logo eye

By CaramelTheHorse

A bee with a D-ring

By globegnome

bee with d eyelied

By Aiden Kennedy

Aeon Flux intro but with a bee

By Somrh

Bee epically staring at drawception

By the criticisor

bee sees that yellow eye with drawception logo

By Green egg productions

Eye of the B holder

By cutiefox14

Bee stares into thou soul and sees Drawception


Bee touching a egg.

By Claudia Mason

Bee sees eye with Drawception D inside it

By Midnight Shadow

eye w/ the logo of site being stung by a bee

By Dexzernq79

looking eye to eye with a bee

By Qustionable786

wasp looking at an eye with the drawception D

By [ deleted ]

Eye has a Drawception, Bee sees it.

By Green egg productions

oh meh gawd, its gennah KILL ME! *cue bee pun*

By i need a life REALLY BAD

Wasp flying into a yellow eyeball

By The Eraser

Man Looking Angrily At A Bee

By Thomas Brunt

beeception but its drawception


Bumblebee looking at Drawception eye.

By Jacob Scholte

A wasp about to sting a bear in the eye

By Memes123

Drawception's journey into the bee week

By Scout's Opinon

The eye of an artist captures the art of a bee

By Silly Bry

The beast saw the D. Or in this case, the "B"

By Pugbug04

A bee watching the coming of drawception

By Vinn