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Congrats to JacktheRipper for the winning entry and 50 coin prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this drawing caption contest.

"The Book of Revelations as told by Michael Bay" by JacktheRipper

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The Book of Revelations as told by Michael Bay

By JacktheRipper

Jaws sequels are really getting out of hand

By Tiago327

This made me convert to christianity.

By Batrachus

The Mythbusters' final forms

By Velvet Fog

The gospel according to Schwarzenegger

By Tiago327

They fought for our sins

By Deus

Holy crap these Syfy originals are getting old

By leilei

They have really lowered the bar for jesuses

By Noah31208

Mythbusters: So, where did we go wrong?

By Richard9316

Robot Moses parted the wrong sea

By Tiago327

Pacific Rim 2: Holy Mackerel!

By Zenneron

Heaven is awesome!

By Velvet Fog

Go home, Jesus, you're drunk.

By Batrachus

There has to be an easier way to trim my beard

By Deskman

Epic Rap Battle: Shark Jesus vs. Robo Jesus

By Toastalmo

Divine Trinity: Robot, Shark, and Holy Bolt

By John, why?

Battle between two Jesus from parallel univers

By FdRstar

Typical boxing match in beard heaven

By John10624

SyFy Original: Where Is You God Now?

By The Paul

Jesus Shark vs.Jesus Bot. Only 1 can resurrect

By FlaxAttack

Jamie, something has gone wrong. We're dead.

By Lior

SyFi Original Movie: Jesus Shark vs. RoboJesus

By Uncle Bob

"This is a joke about economics, isn't it?"

By An Iron Teddybear

Holy beard-shark, Bot-man!

By KaminoNeko

And on the eighth day, God was exhausted!

By Ikarikid

Sharknado 2: When Lightning Strikes

By TouchpadHandicap

It's the end of the world as we know it ♪

By Talon

God's unsure the sort of his second son to be

By Chechu

Holy Wars: Shark Jesus vs. Droid Jesus

By datgirl88

DC has officially jumpstarted the shark.

By TouchpadHandicap

Shark jesus & Robot jesus fight for our souls

By Baeltheir61496

Mortal Kombat 39' DLC: Shave the beard match

By HNegron

The new workers in God's office.

By Hank the Dog

SharkJesus vs RoboJesus: Battle for Salvation

By SSJCrono

SUNDAY, SUNDAY!! I-Am-Robot V.S. Jawsus!!

By BloodWillow

Jawsus VS The Robotic Redeemer

By Shparks

Shark Jesus vs Robot Jesus

By stuai

Everybody has beards, even sharks!

By roadrunner95

Shark Jesus Vs Cyborg Jesus: Thundering Clash!

By Jonas8934

Sharkpocalypse Now: Robot Angels

By Babar

The evolution theory was wrong all along

By Finnle

St Robot & St Shark fight over coolest beard

By player1611

Ultimate Rapture Fight

By Ignika

Shark vs Robot: Biblical edition

By Jimlaad43

"Do you think we're cool enough yet?"

By The Lerf

Epic beard fight! Chuck Norris wins by Default

By ChristyLeigh12

Not again! *eye roll*

By Neill

By the power invested in me, I'll kill you!

By Anonymous Giraffe

The Asylum's newest Mockbuster

By Forbes2000

We supposed that we must be a team

By Clancyllar

Shark Jesus vs Robot Jesus! Ready... FIGHT!

By ChristyLeigh12

Holy Beard Battles round 1: shark vs. Mr. Robo

By Ryal

Shark&Robot Fight about their Goatees w/lghtng

By Dandyscents

Holy veterinary dental surgery of future TODAY

By Dimp

Against lighting our saviours fight for us

By TaintedTruffle

Jesus shark VS Christ-bot


XXI Century Apocalypse (times are changing)

By Dehill

Jesus Shark Takes On Jesus Robot In A Storm

By jordpper

Lord Jaws takes on Robo-Jesus

By Murso16

Jesus competion Round 1 Shark vs Robot Jesus

By Noah31208

Sweeney Todd if Directed by Michael Bay

By JacktheRipper

Son of Bot and Sharkssiah smiting the masses

By PsychoMuppet

RoboJesus & SharkJesus combine: The Jesusnator

By Totemcommon

Reincarnation as a shark or a robot: PLAUSIBLE


Robo-Jesus and Shark-Jesus. Only on PPV.

By Vasconium

Robo & shark jesuses fight sinister stormfront

By Soularis

Jesus shark Vs. Robo scissor Jesus

By Ignika

The plot of the next film by "The Asylum"

By _Joshua_

Jesus Shark and Robo-Christ duke it out

By Piku

Angel elders Shark and Robot fight for destiny

By R2D221

The Robot Rapture.

By dirtYguaM62475

shark Jesus and roboJesus fight

By Valentina4940

The epic combat with Shark Jesus vs Robo Jesus

By airketh

St. Shark versus St.Robot

By cromwell7244396

Mustachioed SharkJesus stares down RoboJesus.

By Spoiledmeat

Jesus Shark vs. Mecha Jesus vs. Zeus

By Heeks

bearded angel shark vs bearded angel robot FTW

By Teffff

Chuck Norris Shark VS robot... Shark wins...

By DrawingNinja

Robot mythbuster's shark-bot looks like him!

By StarB

Don Quijote & Sancho Panza new 2013 looks

By pondicherry

Beards are so 1955.

By effervescentamygdala

Shark Jesus smites Holy Clamper.

By Erica478

Jesus shark VS Robot Jesus! FIGHT!

By SirCatman

holy trinity of shark, robot, and lightning

By p1ggybank

beared shark and bearded robot angels

By Inuendo_Lad

dead bearded shark and robot stuck in a storm

By Ano7894

Bearded shark vs Android Roshi, they're dead

By luigicell

beard shark fights Barber bot in the Afterlife

By tetos64

shark beard vs robot beard

By thelightwillshine

The most metal of bearded robotic angels

By OnionMan

Shark Jesus fights Robo Jesus in epic battle

By I am the Demoman

Moby-Dick 2: Robotic Angelic Electric Bearded

By Scotcho

Jesus Shark says: Make my day, Cyborg punk

By MailWork

Robot Jesus vs Jesus Sharnadoquakenami

By Potatotucan70

Sharksus Christ vs Botssiah - Round 1 FIGHT!

By PsychoMuppet