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Congrats to Schallenballa for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption the Drawing caption contest.

"When people shove Christmas down my throat"
By Schallenballa

November 1st

By Epic Snake

When Christmas music plays in October.


What happens when you put lights up too early

By Chauffrey

"I told you not to sneak into santa's party"

By Asia B

The Nightmare After Christmas Dinner

By ScribbleKitty

Summary of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

By Jazzsquare

Me when someone mentions Christmas in October

By Galactic Fire

What's this?What's this?There's vomit everywhe

By itBroke

The Nightmare During Christmas

By Windigo


By OooOOOoOo

This is what happens whenyou skip Thanksgiving

By Michael Flamerghast

The day after halloween, christmas appears.

By Ramune

The holiday season clearly isn't for everyone.

By Bart Vieveen

Jack-o-lantern caught the Christmas fever

By Butterflyeffect

Tim Burton's The Hangover Before Christmas

By Cthun4President


By Bantherboat

"All the cool holidays are doing it."

By ApatheticMeteor

And you thought pumpkin spice was bad.

By JoshManTheGuy

Pumpkin learned the true meaning of halloween.

By Morat leftvallion

Trump won the elections, Merry Christmas

By blind man

November 1st

By Flute06

The nightmare after Christmas

By Annie Luo

Why isn't this a pokemon?

By NotAsPurple

Pumpkin is having a nightmare before Christmas

By lowpoli

Easy on the eggnog, pumpkin.

By Kronotherion

Pumpkin spreads "Christmas Cheer" everywhere


Pumpkin gets sick of Christmas, "literally"

By overgyu

What happens when you mix holidays together

By RemixFTW

What's this? What's this?! There's colo-uurrfk

By Klee LeHorgen

Pumpkin's Christmas Hangover

By The Foun

Sick of the Holidays Even Though It's October

By BlueBloodstains

He didnt have the guts for Christmas Spirit

By yoitszeph

Jack-O-Lanterns are Jewish, I guess

By Ultron32

Halloween: The Day After (Christmas edition)

By Morat leftvallion

Where's Thanksgiving?

By Sora655

How I feel about early Christmas Decorations

By Hacim 42

Halloween has a case of the Christmases

By Chauffrey

Holidays Don't Really Mix...

By Nora Rose

seasonal allergies

By mattt

When its October and you see christmas decor

By MrCrabs

peppermint and pumpkin spice don't mix

By coin farmer

When you're already sick of Christmas music

By WillAllen52

The true nightmare before Christmas

By thatgeekyweirdo

Christmas decorations on Halloween? Disgusting

By BrieJac

Happy Holidysentery

By CvLoria

He still hasn't recovered from Halloween, yet.

By Nat

Ech! Is this what Christmas candy tastes like?

By OooOOOoOo

Pumpkin Spice is sick of your Mint Frappuccino

By DannyBoy004

Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year

By JellyBellyButton

Halloween is sick of Christmas.

By random weeb

N-no! I'm morphing into... ChrIStMaaAaSSsS

By Raindrop Pie

Christmas seems to come earlier every year.

By TheBiggerFish

Getting sick of all this holiday stuff

By ILikeTheCake

Always happens when you aren't prepared, Jack.

By OooOOOoOo

mfw Christmas decorations are up in October

By Cameron Higgins

Go away pumpkin you are in the wrong holiday.

By Imagination

When people put up Christmas decor in October

By Sh0gunTurt1e

Pumpkin realizes he dressed for the wrong holiday

By Ladondorf

Poor Halloween Can't Adapt to Christmas :(

By Celeryyyyyy

This is the last time I work overtime!

By HyperGhost


By OooOOOoOo

Nightmares Before Christmas In A Nutshell

By Isymin

Ho Ho Holy crap i drank to much

By Mr V

The Nightmare Before Christmas

By OooOOOoOo

Mfw it's not Halloween anymore

By OooOOOoOo

Macy's on November 1st

By Harbige12

Is it too soon? Yeah, too soon.

By Christopher Stewart

true nightmare before christmas

By Serval Sentinel

The Internet During October

By Fandom Freakout

Halloween had too much christmas.

By OtakuChi

A jack o lantern tries out a new holiday...

By jacob johnson4226

A pumpkin having a nightmare before Christmas

By Nodo Bird

halloween is literally sick of early christmas

By OooOOOoOo

Halloween is DISGUSTED with Christmas

By pandaspams

Holiday Overdose

By JustNorman

Your milk and cookies aren't welcome here

By Bart Vieveen

Symptoms include vomiting and being a pumpkin.

By Taco The Wizard

The Nightmare before Christmass

By CyTheGay


By JustSomeSush

accurate representation of december 26th

By felicitea

Had one too many candy canes.

By Orracle

Halloween wasn't ready for Christmas

By smoores

On the 1st day of Xmas my true love gave to me

By Kronotherion

The Nightmare Before Christmas

By Phoebe Meldrum

"What did I do last night?" -Jolly Pumpkin

By Mr Prickles

A cleanup nightmare before christmas

By peecasso

The nightmare after Christmas.

By letstrydrawception

Not everyone can get into the Christmas spirit

By Halogent

Halloween catches the Christmas virus

By Guyguy08

Poor little pumpkin throws up candy canes

By onehundredbees

He don't have the guts so he CANE't swallow

By DangerBoss

"We gotta-BLGRH go back to our universe Morty"

By MrStretchyLimbs

Halloween is sick of the christmas hype

By Beef Stock

Pumpkins don't like Christmas

By Minecraft 101

Halloween and Christmas do not mix well.

By Ellit Bo

Pumpkin is adopted by Christmas and hates them

By Peppapigisbestpig

Jack-o-Lantern is disgusted by christmas.

By Tas the Thing

When you remember its "that" time of the year

By 4cheesepizzas

Christmas already?

By Fluxxed

pumpkin is infected with the Christmas spirit

By OooOOOoOo

When it drifts from November into December...

By Avelod

Silly pumpkin, don't eat candy canes whole!

By JellyBellyButton

Halloween dies as Christmas begins

By BrendonUrieUnitato


By Sarah DeFrates

The Pumpkin King after Finding Christmas Town

By VixieVixen

Halloween is sick of Christmas.

By Momoishappy

Pumpkin celebrates Christmas, it backfires.

By Goodknight

Disney's : The nightmare Before Pukemas™

By loki69

Me on November 1st

By Greenbob99

Mmm watcha say, oh that you only meant well...

By Elvan Warrior

Halloween's Christmas hangover!

By Alcapano

Christmas and Halloween just don't mix.

By Ikarikid

At least there weren't any razor blades...

By OooOOOoOo

Halloween doesn't mix well with Christmas...

By Raingerr

Halloween is sick of hearing about Christmas!

By Fuzzheadlola

Twas the ni- oh, god, what did I eat?!

By That90sGamer

Halloween tried getting into the Xmas spirit

By BattleOstrich

I'm on that side of Drawception again.. Yay!

By Mr Prickles

The reason why pumpkins are not meant for Xmas

By FriskyFan

A Halloween Pumpkin not ready for Christmas

By cmorc

It's too early for christmas!

By sheela355

The night Halloween ruined Christmas

By aichan

Pumpkin tried to get into the holiday spirit

By Yoshifire8

Pumpkin is allergic to Christmas

By OooOOOoOo

The Nightmare before Pukesmas

By OooOOOoOo

Christmas songs in November be like...

By CrazyCat

Happy Hallo-CHRISTMAS!

By Lilly Ashton

Halloween just got a bit too much christmas...

By SirCharles33

"I must have eaten too many candy canes..."

By Astoria Butterflysky

Halloween has the Christmas-is-coming virus

By raveness

Halloween discovers its hatred for Christmas

By Dunsp arts

I don't think I'll be ready for Easter Eggs

By algc19

Halloween pumpkin sick of this Christmas joy

By rfhhsrdfhfg

re-purposing old Halloween decorations

By 3v1LAng3L

the xmas spirit is TOO MUCH FOR A PUMPKIN!

By hollyleaf

Think you ate too much candy before Christmas.

By OooOOOoOo

Halloween pukes Christmas

By LegendaryNova

Go home pumpkin you're drunk!

By the occult

This is what happens when you mix opposites

By ohnoes

Pumpkin's festive vomit is 2 spoopy 4 me

By Alexander Davis

First time trying eggnog, BIG regret.

By MoonLion

Pumpkin guts are not suited for Candy Canes

By GroovyDennis

When you've been drinkin eggnog since Haloween

By KCona

Party Hard this Christmastober

By OooOOOoOo

Halloween pumpkin isnt in the Christmas Spirit

By OooOOOoOo

What a Holiday Hangover

By BreGee

When you get SICK of Christmas

By KupcakeKrazy

Halloween is sick of christmas

By SilverDiscord

Pumpkin tries Christmas, does not enjoy

By deadlytoast

Too festive to handle

By MyDrawingsSuck

Mixing christmas and haloween isnt a good idea

By Badaboom

Festive Pumpkin Reflects on 2016

By The SuS

What truly happens when your naughty...

By The SuS

The festivities were too much for pumpkin.

By The SuS

Pumpkin is sick of Christmas songs in October

By The SuS

The reason we don't celebrate X-mas in October

By OooOOOoOo

The rug-stain before Christmas.

By Mrparpal

Jack O Lantern is so sick of christmas..

By Sponge Cave

Halloween copies Christmas; Gets carried away.

By granbutch

Headless horseman gets festive

By Hamlingtonian

Ol' Jack had too much candy cane rum.

By Batt

Post christmas hangover

By Annie Luo

Jack -o- lantern infected by christmas spirit

By Kiwi Bird

Halloween & Christmas dont go together

By Mikuta the Charlotte

This is what happens when you divide by 0

By TehPiggy

A victim to Christmas starting a month early.

By OooOOOoOo

This is what I get, for staying till December

By firefile

Halloween, stop drinking and go home.

By Prince of Heart

Move over Halloween, it's Christmas!

By Skittleflake Kitty

The aftermath of Autumn Christmas carols

By OooOOOoOo

Happy Christoween!

By Kiddo Wizzo

Halloween is sick of all the Christmas.

By SpacedOutSyd

Halloween pumpkin tries too hard to enjoy xmas

By Shifsabre

Jacko'Lantern Skellington learned a lesson.

By Mr Prickles

Ol' jack had one too many eggnogs

By OooOOOoOo

The Curious Case of The Candy Puking Pumpkin

By thedreamer15

Halloween got a bit too Christmasy this year

By Matty8742

Jack O Lantern is sick of early Christmas

By PsychoPyro813

Go celebrate your own holliday!

By 101TheLittleGiant

Christmas pumpkin pukes green and candy canes

By Morningartberry

Pumpkin's Christmas Treat Aftermath

By theblinker

Christmas pumpkin puking up candy canes.

By Kiryu2012

Christmas fever

By ewornotloc

Halloween is sick of celebrating Xmas early

By Emma Romeo

Holiday squash vomits his delicious tree candy

By JJsours

Halloween throws up Christmas

By dabbingkoreaboo

We are so sick of the holidays!

By Goatboy

gutting a pumpkin; christmas edition

By ZinniaHeliantheae

Pumpkins barfing the Christmas Spirit

By Loeglass

Halloween Pumpkin had too much for Christmas

By Gustavo Rezende

pumpkin is sick of being the less fav holiday

By olive ra

Santa pumpkin who mixed meth with candy.

By Wilku

Halloween and Christmas don't mix well...

By Amber Firescales

merry jack o' lantern hates holiday smoothies

By Bettina Vergel de Dios

Silly pumpkin, Christmas is for figgy pudding!

By Sockmonster

Pumpkin can't handle it Santa

By Rachael Chastain

This pumpkin had to much eggnog and hangover

By Black cat333

The santa this year is really generous

By Nikke nakke

Christmas tastes like diabetes.

By Cartoon Planet

jack-o-lantern has had enough jolliness

By killjoy01

A mess of holidays

By Creatures1234

Why Christmas and Halloween should never join

By Calum

Pumpkin with food poisoning, courtesy of elves

By undertale0loser

Jack-O-Lantern Deathly Allergic To Christmas

By SamuraiBeetle

Halloween and Christmas' 'Strained' Friendship

By LennieCon

Snot Christmas again already, is it?

By Porcelicious

nightmare before christmas

By ohdeer

A Jack-O-Lantern experiencing Christmas cheer!

By Brendan


By majortaco42

Festive pumpkin vomits candy canes.

By Timothy Sheehan

What we all feel when we decorate...

By Nora Rose

pumkin is sick of christmas

By Mutton mcSputton

yellmo pumpkin santa vomits candy canes

By OooOOOoOo

MOM I'M FINE, more candy! NOW!!

By Ayumi Akuma

Oh dear, I don't remember tasting THAT...

By Russian-Tetris

Pumpkin drinks to forget 2016

By The SuS

This PUNkin had a weak stomach for christmas

By Derpy Squeegee

Christmas Pumpkin Vomiting

By audioangel112

The pumpkin's sick of Christmas commercialism.

By Macalla

Halloween Christmas OVERLOAD!

By DangleStomp

When Uncle Joe Brings his "home made"candy

By Mr Toothy

When you know you had TOO much candy canes.

By Creativity Humor

when ppl put their xmas stuff up on halloween

By OooOOOoOo

Jack-O-Lantern pukes after a christmas party.

By Ludichat

After the christmas party.

By Payton Allen

Jack ate too much candy

By Syrkle

Pumpkin Spice had too much eggnog.

By IceCreamDreams3899

Halloween had too much at Christmas party

By SpookTroop

That's why you don't feed pumpkins candy

By OooOOOoOo

Jack-O-Lantern rejects Christmas festivities

By Citrus


By JennDragon

pumpkin not in the christmas spirit

By Razza

THIS is what happens when u eat too much sugar

By FlySkunk

Still sick from Halloween...

By TheChronomancer

This jolly pumpkin sure has had too much candy

By BinxieCosplay

Ever have a feeling you partied TOO hard? YEP

By MoonLion

Santa Pumpkin vomits Candy Canes

By BuddyBoy600alt

Nightmare before Christmas has too much fudge

By Mango Ethan

A holiday spirited pumpkin vomits candy canes

By Broken Echo

Oh boy! A Christmas pinata? Must be FUN!

By OooOOOoOo

Me when there's NSFW in a SFW game

By Drigglesnork

by christmas you should not be eating hallowee

By OooOOOoOo

A pumpkin had too much christmas candy

By Eirikur

Pumpkin, your drunk.

By LittleBigKid7

Jack-O-Santa had too many candy canes!

By Matilda Allen

Jack o Santa Barfs Green and Candy Canes

By GalacticNov4

Now they all know that he's a traitor

By weebs

Pumkins Are Sick Of Christmas

By Truppet

"AHH! Who gave me the FLUx-mas?!"

By nedas60

Jack O' Lantern sick of Christmas

By The Dankest Memelord

The face when you stumble into a NSFW game

By Sweg Dragon

Jack-o-lantern had too much egg nog

By AJreborn

The Halloween Candy Caught Up With This Guy.

By PriffyViole

An ill but festive Pumpkin. Poor dude is pukin

By Stets


By felinewithin

Halloween puking candycanes: regret.

By DrDings

Pumpkin gives the gift of horryfing vomit

By Alexander Davis

Halloween + Christmas = *puking rainbows*

By OooOOOoOo

Jack-O-Lantern gets food poisoning by Santa

By undertale0loser

Pumpkin juice hates Christmas Season.

By CallMeCraft


By OooOOOoOo

how christmas was made, AKA,halloween

By SecT0r

Pumpkin isn't ready for the Christmas spirit

By cantaloupe

Somebody spiked the candycane flavored eggnog

By hawkeyehan

Trial run for Xmas pumpkins isn't going well.

By nekoJadey

Symbol of Christmas wannabe

By Squidsauce

A pumpkin that's a Santa want-to-be

By Vanillite Cream


By TheQuizzer

Santa pumpkin gives barf for Christmas

By DatSpoopyCatGal

This pumpkin ate too much candy canes...


Halloween candy is better

By Syrkle

Holiday is a hell of a drug

By Bluewhrilpool

Halloween candy, Now candy canes. Too much.

By OooOOOoOo

When you drink eggnog but your allergic to egg

By OooOOOoOo

Mixing Halloween and Christmas makes us sick!

By Domino Boy 08

Santa Pumpkin pukes out candy canes

By Liam McNicholas

everything directly after halloween

By Andrew Schneider

Still Sick from Halloween...

By TheChronomancer

no! Christmas has arrived! hold your beverages

By rubyyyyyyyyy

Never too early to puke christmas

By ArnoldSwagenegger5

jack-o-lantern spews up candy canes and goop

By DragonSlayer1500

'Scuse me while I puke these canes!

By Russian-Tetris

Holiday pumpkin vomiting holiday spirit

By PixelatedWolf

Pumpkin doesn't like the holidays.

By AFragmentOfThePast

Halloween and Christmas does not mix well

By ToastyMoasty

pumpkin sick of christmas

By David Sayles

Halloween is sick of Christmas

By ChoasSushi

Jackolantern prepared for Christmas too much.

By BreGee

Pumpkin Is Diagnosed With Christmas-Osis

By lickupmycakespills

That Christmas Pumpkin had too much eggnog,,,

By Undertalefantrash

Halloween pumpkin is sick of Christmas

By Curlyanne

a christmas pumpkin spewing christmas ordiment

By Sweet Cloud

The Sickness of Christmas

By Beary Doughnut

Pumpkin drinking a healthy holiday smoothie

By Kevin Chow

Holiday fever and abandonment issues

By Burn Worm

Pumpkin wearing Santa hat barfing candy canes

By Lumynox

A sick pumpkin with santa hat throws up candy

By fishinabowl

Oh no! the pumpkin ate bloody candy canes!

By Lucas Svilpa

Festive Pumpkin Vomits with Candy Canes Mixed

By aaronlink127

NO! Not the holyday season again!

By Potatupi

Pumpkin barfs because it's not Halloween

By OtterzAJ

Jack-O-Lantern w/ Santa hat vomits candy canes

By Nitro Warlock

Jac's CLAUSEtrophobia is bad this time of year

By omnipresent

Enjoying this Merry Halloween Chris.hit.mas!

By BigMomma

Someone Ate too Much Candy

By Random Drawception Guy

Pumpkins are sick of Christmas

By Splendid Garden Eel

Christmas pumpkin vomiting the Grinch remains

By pudifish

Jolly Holiday Pumpkin Sprews Good Cheer

By PabloIchiban

"I told you to throw this away, not 'fix' it!"

By TheRetroSkttl

Think I over did it? NAH

By MoonLion

Christmas pumpkin barfs candy canes

By Burney Games

Festive pumpkin is throwing up candy canes

By XxXFaZesupplydropxXx

Angry pumpkin tastes sickly sweet Christmas

By ch3zels

Sick Christmas Pumpkin

By Potato 250

pumking spewing sweets with a christmas hat

By Sweet Cloud

Pumpkin sickly dislikes Christmas

By Hamilton Trash

Jackolantern santa throwing up Christmas candy

By SPooky man boy

pumpkin barfs Christmas

By kingofwomen

jack o lanterns arent fit for christmas ;-;

By Old Account

Festive pumpkin throwing up christmas.

By Coel Hen

Pumpkin is not used to Santa's hawt candy cane

By Gay Shrek

Santa pumpkin is sick of Christmas candy.

By Aerik Gustaveson

Pumpkin ate too much candy on halloween

By OooOOOoOo

Pumpkin's sick of the festive spirit

By Bored.

Jack O' Lantern is sick of Christmas.

By Jared Ridge

Jack-o-lantern ate too much on halloween

By Armadylo

I HATE CANDY CANESSS!!!! -Sincerely pumpkin.

By HuzkyDraws

pumkin vomiting candycanes

By NEW beau

Couldn't survive that many candy in two months

By algc19

Sentient Pumpkin regrets last night

By PsychicBadger98

Pumpkin With No Sweet Tooth Can't Be Festive

By PocketNarwhal

Haloween givs birth to christmas

By CrystalMeth

a lollipop a day keeps yellmo away!

By OooOOOoOo

Pukeing Pumpkin, you know? Christmas!?

By OooOOOoOo

Santa Pumpkin vomits poison candy canes.

By Cartoon Planet

Pumpkin hates Xmas but he has Xmas inside him!

By Reese Draws

jack o lantern gets infected with the christmas-sp

By OooOOOoOo

And this little pumpkin had a weak stomach

By Derpy Squeegee


By Matthew Benidict Eusebio

A festive pumpkin painfully puking candy canes

By Emberdoge

A pumpkin spitting out green juice

By MrPretyBombur

Mr. Jack-O-Lantern ate too much Xmas Candy...

By ppom9

christmas pumpkin puke candy canes

By Savoy98

Mr. Pumkpin ate too much candy canes...

By KelsDaMels

Christmas Pumpkin Puking Candycanes!

By WaffleTheWolf

Jacko'Lantern Skellington Is... Disturbing...

By Mr Prickles


By TheStarsAreFalling

A Christmas Jack-o-Lantern pukes candy canes

By RandomPieceOfTrash

Ate candy, chuged eggnog, didn't think it thru

By MoonLion

santa pumpkin regrets partying; has hangover

By artifactGrist

halloween is is sick of christmas


Holiday Pumpkin Barfing

By Butteryboi

vomiting Christmas pumpkin

By OooOOOoOo

pumpkin chunkin candy canes

By OooOOOoOo

Too Much Pumpking Christmas.....

By BigMomma

Santa pamkin is burping out the candy canes

By Potatupi

jolly jack o' lantern puking candy canes

By tempywempy

Puking Pumpkin

By OooOOOoOo

Puking Pumpkin.

By OooOOOoOo

Jack just can't STAND Christmas candy

By Mrsaturn

Pumpkin vomiting candy cane

By Gwiilo

pumpkin Christmas puke

By Seachew

Pumpkin Santa barfing candy canes

By KazuichiSouda

Pumpkin Gives In To Christmas And Candy Canes.

By TheOasisFox

A Halloween Pumpkin Who's Sick Of Christmas

By MeiAndDartrix

Xmas Jakolantern coughing up mucus & candycanes

By CalebIsBad23

Halloween Sick Of Christmas Vomits Candycanes

By vxgxbond

Hoilday Pumpkin Puking

By Brittaberry

somebody help me my family is dying

By OooOOOoOo

A jackle lantern puking Candy Canes

By Ave Ain'tHere

Christmas jackolantern with bulimia


Pumpkin tried to stop Christmas

By Arc1Dragon

A pumpkin barfing candy canes

By Inknimations

Santa turned into a pumpkin and is puking

By Smile boi

A festive Jack-O-Lantern vomits candy canes.

By Fate Extella on Nintendo

Christmas Contagion

By Raven Infinity

Don't give Christmas pumpkins alcohol...

By Jojojosh

Halloween puking holiday cheer, and horrors

By The Bee Man

pumpkin vomiting CANDY+Christmas hat

By Scaryawwsnap !

Mr.Pumpkin had too much Eggnog and puked canes

By Sam Kun

Pumpkin sick of Halloween and ready for Xmas

By Peter Perler

pumpkin vomiting chistmas

By OooOOOoOo

a pumpken barfing up candy canes with a hat

By Turtle Master

pumpkin throws up for eating alot of candy can

By dabbingkoreaboo

Jack-o-lantern in santa-hat barfs candy canes

By cococolors

The Christmas pumpkin is sick

By NeKKohA

Ew, Christmas candy!

By BoxyCthulhu

Pumpkin pukes up Christmas.

By InUmbraLuna

A Santa Clause pumpin puking up candy canes.

By OooOOOoOo

Pumpkin celebrating Christmas vomits candy can

By Michael Dunlap

pumpink vomiting candy sticks

By SoulOnFire

Eating Yellmo makes it 7934x worse

By Antisocial

x-mas pumpkin throws up

By Paul Bryan

Sick holiday pumpkin with a worm

By Butteryboi

christmas pumpkin vomiting candy cane

By MatYoYo

Pumpkin barfs barf with candy canes

By HamiltonTrash

Christmas Pumpkin pukes Candy Canes

By Spook Boi

Festive Pumpkin ate too much candy

By iLoqan

Jack is sick of Christmas

By ChewyPotato

The pumpkin had barfed out candy canes!

By OooOOOoOo

Run Rudolph Run

By MouseyMoose

A pumpkin is vomiting candy canes! Amazing~

By OooOOOoOo

Halloween is sick of Christmas

By Doodle Squad

pumpkin fukin h8s XMas cuz he puked it

By KennyT06

ChristmasJackolatern thought mberry would work

By derpprpfpefpe