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Congrats to Tsamporado for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this drawing caption contest.

"Reverse psychology. Sometimes it works."
By Tsamporado

Stage 5: Acceptance

By mrHiggins

Fifty Shades of Gravy

By happygrowl

A fowl suggestion.

By Medevila

Turkey comes up w/ an idea for NSFW game

By FraggleRocker

Burton's: Knife-mare before Thanksgiving

By Level27Geek

Turkey's taunting words may be his last

By botwes

Turkey tries roleplay, feels empowered

By alarmallama

Stockholm Syndrome: Thanksgiving Style!

By Mitra

A Cluckwork Orange

By Jeffrey8504

Turkey advocates fowl behavior.

By Medevila

stuff me, baste me, eat me, love me

By Fishy's

Turkey wants you to 'gobble' him up

By FingersTehHand

When insults backfire

By Michael4302

Turkey ensures she's invited to dinner

By Mattroid

Chicken รก la Rstrant at end of universe

By Noirezcent

2012: Turkeys know the Mayans were right

By Sven6979

And with that vegetarians were no more

By tendo

In Soviet Russia , Turkey eats you!

By The Bad Dude

Lonely turkey requires cunnilingus

By Cashlin

Live Bait... it works every time.

By thorsini

Suicidal Tendencies : Live in Turkey.

By E-Nyar(HFR)

Turkey unimpressed by the infinite void.

By James Miller

Turkey can't take the pressure anymore

By K-bashi

Ominous turkey behaves suspiciously

By Stygien

Suicidal Turkey Wants to Be Eaten

By npardue

Almost not quite entirely unlike chicken

By Tiffany1464

Sorry, I'm a vegetarian ^^;

By un-sunny

Turkeys are capable of speech?

By Hank the Dog

Milliways serves Ameglian Major Turkey

By Joe HF

Suicidal turkey

By FraggleRocker

Tragic result of Lemming/Turkey love.

By eva305

This turkeys had enough. Goodbye.

By Mrparpal

gobble-gobble mother f***er

By craftyBarnardo

Father is a turkey, mother was a lemming

By eva305

Don't hesitate - I LOVE being gobbled.

By leilei

turkey with death wish

By Paul8649

Eat Me! .. don't mind the ticking noises

By npardue

Suicidal turkey

By Fishy's

Gobble 'til you wobble

By sambchop

Turkey with a death wish

By Jeloman

Tom's poor choice in Distasteful slang..

By micheal

Suicidal Turkey asks for cruel end

By Jesse2104

Masochistic turkey

By lakrymose

The winning entry to the thanksgiving

By Hank the Dog

Turkey has been denied his meaning

By Jontanan


By whatsinyournose

A depressed turkey has digestion fetish

By Crumbly

Sarcastic turkey shouts at God

By BallsHampton

Artistic turkey poses and wants to die

By Robert5460

Your Worst Nightmare

By Leah49

Turkey Jihad, Suicide Dinner.

By psychohamster

Thanksgiving turkey is hungry in reverse

By XRaphaelX

And so Billy fulfilled his destiny!

By thorsini

A Suicidal Thanksgiving

By blendermf

You gonna eat me? Well Eat me!

By EvilJohn6699

Sorry my feathered friend, I'm Vegan!

By Mitra

Thanksgiving is dead to me now...

By Simoneception


By leilei

Masochistic Turkey

By Ozan4605

Why you will never eat turkey again

By sambchop

Turkey sacrifices self to save others.

By Lololee

Thanksgiving= perfect for suicidalturkey

By Razzle Dazzle

Suicidal turkey daydreaming

By Lwyll

Tonight's dinner is talking turkey

By Linus

Wilbur the Turkey Without Charlotte

By Maggs

HoneyBadgerTurkey don't care if u eat it

By Brassica

A live talking turkey asking to be eaten

By liberty_seed

uhh, are you coming on to me?

By mysticism

Turkey auditions for Slim Jim commercial

By Samuel2421

Gross chicken

By Zarquom

Outcast turkey wants to be eaten

By M5242

That turkey is tired of living.

By E253MechaShadow

Sassy turkey's bravado won't save him

By alarmallama

Suicidal turkey begs to be eaten

By Nargles

Suicidal Turkey

By Hank the Dog

Chew on this.

By leilei

All I can hear is "GLUGLUGLU"!

By Valevale

Never make Turduckin with living animals

By OooOOOoOo

Turkey says TG is over, so screw off.

By Spygamer3

Turkey is tired of wizard hat as beak

By Doulou

Turkeys use a method to not get cooked

By Scrank

Tom studies psychology at Junior College

By DataDog

Turkey predicts and anticipates death

By majosc94

Defiant turkey in the spotlight

By Jenkins8624

The Deal With the Chicken

By RetroVirus

Come on, I'm done with the Turkey jokes!

By Lian

sad turkey wants to die

By Gerson

Selfless turkey is prepared to die.

By justincases

Chicken accepts death from higher power

By mrs

PTSD has driven Mr. Turkey to the brink.

By Mitra

Italian Turkey Dinner

By tntoak

Hurry up! Wanna be filled with a carrot!

By Yogi

"EAT ME." the elegant bird demands.

By Agumon286

Turkey-Chicken Hybrid demands to b eaten

By OnionMan

Tommy Tukey is luring Hungry Humans.

By Coaster tycoon

Turkey wants no part of this

By serling

Depressed turkey trying to suicide.

By OooOOOoOo

Gobbledigook Bitches!

By Laurichamon

A lovely chicken that wants to be eaten.

By Thovex