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Congrats to RhiannaWasHere for the winning entry and 100 coin prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this Drawing caption contest.

"Plot Twist: Spongebob actually has a brain" by RhiannaWasHere

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Plot Twist: Spongebob actually has a brain

By RhiannaWasHere


By TheJooge

We all knew SpongeBob was losing his mind...

By ThePowerPlayer

How it feels to chew 5 Gum.

By Rayed

This isn't even my final form, PATRICK!

By Thomas Ellison

When I ask for a little off the top...

By [ deleted ]

a little off the top

By Bluewhrilpool

A brain!? Boy, squidward wont believe THIS!

By Aradhalia

Spongebob decides to thinks outside of the box


"Oh that's not a hat, that's my brain!"

By Elaesa

Can you feel it Mr. Krabs?

By Beary Doughnut

That feeling when you get a new haircut.

By Enderbadger

Don't worry! It grows back!

By IceCreamDreams3899

Look, Patrick! I actually have a brain!

By Lex Loser

When the hair dresser takes a lil too much off

By Pumpkin Cat

Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

By GreatMile

What it feels to chew 5 Gum.

By Rayed

When the barber cuts way too short

By a chair

"Oh it will grow back!"

By pokemad9000

At least I'm safe inside my mind....

By NyanNyan

When you get a test question right by accident

By Drigglesnork

Pink hat?Oh,that's not a hat. That's my brain.

By TheSwaggiestLoser

Who you callin Pinhead?

By pay336

The "Do you have a dirty mind" test starts now

By mattt

Public nudity gone right!

By Mr Prickles

First day at university

By blind man

Reading a math problem wrong halfway through

By CaptSprinklez

Oh guys, that's not a hat! That's my brain!

By BreGee

I cant think of anything.

By The SuS

It Was His Hat Mr.Krabs! He Was Number One!

By Windigo

"It's not a hat. It's my brain"

By MaxamillionA

SpongePole BrainPants

By Tafkae

I scared everybody! Maybe it was your pink hat

By AlexArt

Spongebob's Brainiest Costume Choice

By 9kirby99

Oh that's just my brain not a big deal

By Mikuta the Charlotte

hate to break it to ya but this ain't a hat.

By awesomesaucetome

That's not a hat. That's my brain!

By CalagrianKnight

You take off your ghost costume be like...

By Cosmobo3

But Where's Pinky?

By Drigglesnork

Skinny Spongebob gently strokes his afro

By ethanwait25

Spongebob has evolved into... abomination

By MarshmellowMania

My brain sure is larger than I thought it was

By Mufunciis

Why yes, it IS a pink hat. Any more questions?

By Russian-Tetris

Spongebob's costume goes to the extreme

By Hexlock Spear

Spongebob.. Just put the ghost on

By WendyMarvell1016


By Booberang

SpongeBob's been playing too much Drawception!

By Karweenie



"Self brain surgery is coool"-Hungry SeaClown

By Pearl Quartz

*hits blunt* "Bruh the brain named itself"

By RhiannaWasHere

Nice Hat

By [ deleted ]

SpongeBob dresses up as Beaker from Muppets

By Doodle Squad

SpongeBob! Your smart, but at what cost?!

By DahMagicMan

"this isn't a costume, it's my brain."

By brandonblue9

Spongebob is surprised that he has a brain

By OrisisPhoenix

"Officer, there's a sponge touching his brain"

By Mr Prickles

That's not pink, that's red patrick. Oh, Aaah!

By WhaleArtist

That's not a hat, it's my brain!

By [ deleted ]

Well... At least he can wear a ghost costume.

By Chemystic

the frist step of becoming a mushroom.

By Dylan “DylanheBuilder

the lsd has finally kicked in for spongebob

By Captain Bunny

Oh thats not a hat. Thats my brain. -Spongebob

By KittyofTime

Spongebob's true halloween costume!

By Arveldir

Look, its a haunted sleeping bag

By Jade Hobbely Nob

A Meme addict: Memes, not even once.

By GreatMile


By lfxlPassionz

Spongebob's extreme makeover

By weirdguy149

pink hat? oh, that's my brain!

By BizzyPig20

This scared me out of my mind!

By itBroke

Just ONE more COFFEE

By blind man

That's no hat! that's my brain.

By Green egg productions

Spongebob starves himself to fit in an afro

By GrowlingRat

Who lives in a brain under the sea!

By Haroyami

Spongebob admires his Halloween "costume".

By DangleStomp

If I had a dollar for every brain you don't

By the occult

-Patrick runs away screaming-

By [ deleted ]

Hey, look! I scared him!

By Sweg Dragon

Use that big brain of yours

By evilpretzel

"It must have been because of your pink hat"

By Not a dog

better hope those zombies arent out tonight!

By FlySkunk

Yellow rolling pin in a box notices pink hat

By MoonRks

Someone squised all the water out of spongebob

By BattleOstrich

It's just a pink hat, SB doesn't have a brain

By Daviseti

'That's my brain' says SB in A CASUAL MANNNER

By MoonClaw12

Oh nooo! Spongeshroom's brain is showing!!!

By CySlice

Spongebob pats his brain after a shave

By AestheticPone

TFW ur hairdo doesn't have enough hair spray

By Mistermaam11

The's in here somewhere.

By Cuke Radish

Spongebob finds out why he's so Spoopy

By Cheetah333

Beaker and Spongebob fusion has great hair

By The Worm

spongebob shocked as he strokes his huge brain


The pink hat scared the barnacles off that guy

By Schnowsky

I have a pink hat, Patrick! It's squishy!

By Yonaimy

My brain is just slightly tilted

By Ruby Wall

I love this wig

By Pantherboat

You done messed up.

By KaitoTU

Pole-spongebob's brain is too big

By Fluxxed

The Maximum Character Limit Prevents Me From W

By The SuS

Spongebob became a fry with a clown wig

By Awesome A

Spongebob grows a brain

By Manemus

Half-erased SpongeBob reveals his brain

By Liam McNicholas

mutant french fry's Halloween costume

By Becky Carley

Eww, feels squishy.

By BlahBlah82

Orange and skullless and loser is he, SpongBob

By Booberang

Frankenbob putting his brain in his head.

By Le Batteur

Too bad that didn't kill me...

By Lux Renati

This isn't a cap, It's my brain!

By Gay Overlord

see patrick this have exposed brain not bad is

By You Must Thunderstand

u c the booty, u wanna make sure u look good

By Ching Chong3097

Martianbob squarepants

By Joeondrawception

Atkins diet + omega-3 oil = Spongebob's uncle

By astro9

Spongebob touches brain after shaving himself

By Smol Little Fuzz Bean

Sponge bob's Halloween Costume (Include Brain)

By Ragnawrock

Skinny Spongebob and his brain

By OtakuChi

"Do not fear the sponge bob clown"

By Pixie333

Creepy, yellow alien stole Sponge bob's pants.

By KitsyDeKat

Trying to make brains work for drawception

By ritz666

strange sponge noodle organism massages brain

By [ deleted ]

The macaroni strikes back!

By Dunsp arts

A fusion of Spongebob, Homer, and a clown.

By wiitabix

Spongebob turns himself inside out

By MelonGem

Oooh...What's this?

By Splons

SpongeBob gone wrong

By Raindrop Pie

STICK-y SpongeBrain Squarepants

By LazerCats

Spongebob discovers an odd and thirsty leech.

By AintNoPicasso

Not Square SpongeBob holding his Brain

By Banned4Life

Spongebob brainscare

By [ deleted ]

Spongebob's "pink hat"

By Jatsat

OH NO!! Spongebob's brains are flying out!

By LoveFero

Spongebrains gets a tingling sensation

By Ninjathunder98

spongebob removes his brain

By Queen Of Satire

ooh spongebob's new form is moist

By lion gem

Spang rob got one terrible haircut

By Mr Toothy

homer simpson on an extreme diet and brain hat

By Charity Quill

Spaghetti-Bob Square-Pants Touches his Brain.

By Dell Conagher

yellow stick w/ rectangle pants touches brain

By Splashy Music

Spongebob Allpants

By Michael Hawco

A fry in a spongebob costume and a dapper wig

By Carlemilex

spongebob, what have you've done this time?

By Laser Mittens

AhahehehH! It's Morphine Time!

By IGMare


By Splons

Noodle bob square pants with a big brain

By NeKKohA

SpongeBob brain

By drawjarrett

look into my brain and you'll find amazin stuf

By Trevor Mahaney

Spongebob Leaky Brain

By [ deleted ]

Spongebob feels his brain (GROSS!)

By Neonslime

Spongebob:( friend:(...WHAT HAPPENED!

By SkillfulPillow82

Oh, this is my brains!

By Pohachi

spongebob feeling up his brain

By Loeglass

Spongebob's ghostly costume from that party

By wolffox87

Too close of a shave and a little too much cre

By Klee LeHorgen

Spongebob without skin looking at his brain

By Kimpanter

best thought

By Beary Doughnut



Huh................. PATRICK!

By [ deleted ]

Sponge Bob Got Rekt!

By Random Drawception Guy

Oh my big brain!

By Grom PE

Spongebob on a keto diet

By suhfam100

spongebob lose weight so hard brain pop out

By Happy Karrot

SpongeBob with only the middle of his face

By Coco Chiba

Spongebob has let this clown stuff get to his

By [ deleted ]

Sponge Scream His "AIR" Out

By Swashki

Sideshow Bob got eyeball enlargement surgery

By Yoshifire8


By The SuS

spongeman brainhead screaming.

By Andrew123321

Spongebob the Brain

By FireboyzTTC

Skinny Spongebob Touches His Brain

By GirlyDevil

Spongebob got shrunk except his brain

By BuddyBoy600alt

Spongebob squeech brain

By Tyeloers

Yellow bean Spongebob holding his giant brain

By Person50

Spongebob doesn't need a brain

By OmegaFyre

Sponge Bob Holding his Brain all squished up

By AnimationGamer

Spongy Mars Aliens from Bikini Bottom

By spaceshipdraw

Carrot Top dresses as Spongebob for halloween

By Voxanadu

Spongebob, malformed but with a wicked brain,

By No U

spongebob has a giant brain

By robi87

Spongebob SkinnyGuy

By Brendan

A french fry as Spongebob holds their brain.

By Ludichat

Spongebob blow up into ramen noodle with brain

By Nqdia

Spongebob's brain

By Arc1Dragon

SpongeBrain NervousSystemPants

By MaggotKing

Spongebob Shaved to His BRAIN to Be a Ghost.


Slim Spongebob likes his new brain

By Wally

Sponge duck Bob mouth

By Scribbletard

spongbob noodlepants admiring small brain

By JinxedSouls