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Congrats to mopcorn for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this drawing caption contest.

"Many died in The Great Drawception Wars, 2013."
By mopcorn

When it comes to memes, nobody wins.

By Zorbing

The Battle of Drawception: Vets vs Memes

By Tunk

Micheal Bay's "Drawception, the Movie."

By Wavy

The Vets vs the world they created together

By Monicahedgie

Where's Waldo?

By player20204

My family reunion

By blazer380

...What happened last night?

By SlinkyMac

The Drawception final boss fight

By Jbear

DC defends humanity from the memepocalypse

By Jack2416

World of Drawception: Wrath of the Nyan King

By Piotr

The Great Battle of Drawceptionland

By hastwelvecats

Memes revolt for possession of LSD Factory!

By rachpar

DRAW your weapons, artists! It is time!

By FlaxAttack

Artists vs Memes: Drawception to the death!

By DcRx

Alright, Who Posted An Opinion On The Internet

By Corvax

The Ultimate Showdown of Drawception Destiny

By howlx

Drawception became real& all hell broke loose.

By LuxInteritum89205

It's artist against meme in DRAWCEPTION WARS!!

By Shantak

The battle for Drawception has begun!

By Rayven

Malice in Drawceptionland,

By Case

"Attack of the Memes"- A stirring, epic drawma

By Elincello

Siege of the LSD Factory

By Stormtrooper2178

With our powers combined we are...Drawception!

By MantroX

Mark the dragon decided to try shrooms.

By DonaldoDuq

Ultimate Drawception of Ultimate Destiny


Drawception vs Memeception

By Knuf Wons

The memes are attacking!! Drawception-SAVE US!

By FlaxAttack

The Great Battle for Neill's Factory, DC 2013

By Poeticy



Internetageddon:the end of the internet


Players versus Memes: The Final Battle!

By Ciriart

Welcome to Drawception. Enjoy your stay.

By RandyF3

The Great Internet War

By epicepiphany

The ultimate showdown of ultimate drawceptiony

By TaintedTruffle

Lord of the LSD Rings

By TastyPi

To arms my memes, the end begins...

By Pedrino

Drawception's past, present and future meets

By «Eighth Downrise Jockey»

Imaginationland, the Drawception version.

By Cocomotion

Imaginationland: Revolutions

By dweedledumb

The vigorous opposition between the memes

By Elisabet

D and his avatar army do war with the memefolk

By OooOOOoOo

DCWorld War I - The Meme Uprising

By rachpar

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

By Shaun of the Dead

Nyan Cat is the Drawception Antichrist

By AJ56122

The beautiful land of Drawception!

By sloggerface

Drawception...Drawception never changes!

By DarnChaCha

Drawception City Under attack. Nyan Cat leads.

By Riles64

Save the Acid Factory from the theme park!

By Nancy33454

The raging battle inside Drawception

By «Eighth Downrise Jockey»

nyan cat wants the D

By spaceCat70

the ultimate showdown of drawception history

By mysticism

Battle for the Glory of Interwebz!

By Stoner Train

The Internet At War

By Dillion20734

DC Army battles memes on Neill's front yard

By bitterbowler

"I should really cut back on the caffeine."

By Om

LSD is awesome

By OooOOOoOo

Freedom for all memes was sought in DC War 1.

By rachpar

Draw as one, DC's best, draw for VICTORY!!!!

By Toastalmo

Clash of memes and spoiled jokes.

By KaraMong

Us, drawception will fight for freedom... (JK)

By Ifeellikeapenguin

Battle in the drawception kingdom

By Ninjabrainz

Draw-inception conjures up irrelevant memes.

By rEGGular

WHY did you have to make that spelling error?

By senshidenshi

Forums / General / Viewing Thread

By Ciriart

Drawception, King of Imagination Land

By DarnChaCha

Drawception closes its borders to the internet

By Zarko

Drawception Potter and the Deathly Hotdog

By Steve4872

"Drawception vs. The internet" viewed on LSD.

By Totemcommon

Join the fun!

By Brian90645

drawception fights for good in internet battle

By fortis

Super Smash Internet Game

By Tony69559

When the Internet goes to war

By Thegreenrobby

Internet War

By keyofpandora

Drawception vs. Nyan Cat's Army of Evil Food!

By Fawfulthegreat64

Hotdog overlord sends internet army to destroy

By yazmac

"DRWACEPTIONERS, for a glory-beat that memes!"

By Dimp

Forward, my minions! Banish the memespawn!

By Mr Harld

Avatars vs. Memes-The great battle of our time

By NealTS

In soviet-russia... wait..

By Lille My

Drawception Vs. Meme

By LunaNoshi.

" Okay ceptioners! ATTACK!"

By Aqualoko

The land of Drawception fends off evil forces!

By RadiatingShark

Memes on strike: demand more meme-free days

By Erwie

Drawception Vs. Popular Internet Memes

By yourmom

Memeland, home of dreams and nightmares

By indyjon3s

Spoiler Alert! D-ception:1, All Things Evil:0.

By Wavy

exclusive only apply

By camel

The battle of Neill's Factory, Memes vs Memes!

By KaminoNeko

This is madness!

By Boronko

The Auto-Avatars vs the Drawcepticons!

By OooOOOoOo

Drawception memes battle for pollution island

By Melissa8611

Drawception Army fight a meme army

By Jackster626

Behold the mighty pencil!

By elevatorfan7072

Drawception Heros battle their drawings!

By suburbanruckus

drawception gets in vaded by the memes'

By Baeltheir61496

DrawCeption Memes Vs. The Internet

By Spoiledmeat

Meme's come to life on drawception

By Marshyxz

Almighty drawception takes on Memes in a duel!

By Ifeellikeapenguin

Imaginationland wins the internet.

By SadJon

Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the hot dogs of war!

By Snufkin

The world according to drawceptioneers

By Lozza7

This is the ultimate showdown

By Marshyxz

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

By Vulpixel

Drawception- an enigmatic battle of the ages

By VorlinArasit

The Meme’s Revolution triggered the fall of DC

By rachpar

Few in numbers they are, DC's best will WIN!!!

By Toastalmo

End is here! To battle my Drawception fellows!

By Pedrino

"What happened to time?" "A woman."

By FreeGoomba

hotdog attacks aliens

By Maria Reptilen61615

Hot Dogs, Nyan cats, and Drawception rampage

By Sharky_

Memes set off to kill people of the interwebz.

By iSmile02

Meme War about Troubled muffin staying on DC

By Sdm

Hot Dog Santa and Nyan Catattack village

By kbartelt07

youtube cartoons against flying evil cartoons

By marije4103

Are you sure this will not use up my ink?

By Ifeellikeapenguin

mass chaos online! drawception fights for good

By fortis

Tim Burton's new movie: DC - the final battle

By impacilla

Don't bother Nyan, Its Hot Dog town.

By Jimlaad43