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Congrats to quiddity for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this drawing caption contest.

"I call him Spruce Springsteen."
By quiddity

Christmas in Chernobyl

By stuai

Not all Ents decided to march into Isengard...

By quiddity

*Christmas intensifies*

By rawf

We got our tree from Monsanto.

By WizardofZoz

X-mas Tree finds out snow was really cocaine.

By Uncle Bob

Little Shop of Christmas

By jess3204

Oh Christma- IT'S ALIVE! RUN!

By Omiced

Frankentree experiment: day 48

By asdf1324qwer5678

happy horrordays

By SkaveRat

How the Tree Stole Sanity

By Cheerwine

I.. Saw My Tree Eat Up San--ta Claus!

By datgirl88

Mmm... maybe I drunk too much eggnog

By Trippa93

FA LA LA LA LA too much caffeine

By iwasthefault

Human body parts aren't good tree decorations

By mcd


By rachpar

This tune is so inTREEging

By Ignika

All Glory To The HypnoChristmass Tree

By Jacob3312


By broniesspeak

This makes the Grinch NOT want to steal Xmas.


Santa gets spruced up for the holidays

By MozArc

Er meh gerd im a singan tre

By kirmy7

Insanitree 2: Return of the Insanitree

By amemgdamcgd

Has no-one noticed I'm Oscar from Seasame St.?

By Geno

Nobody expects the Xmas Inquisition:TheMusical

By eiko

Musical Muppet Christmas Tree!

By HTFCuddles

How my grandpa imagines himself on Christmas.

By FireVixen

Douglas Fir: Psychotic Edition

By Eddie Swiss

There's more than aspirin in this tree's water

By Shannon-Akimbojoe

Your mom & Santa kissed under me last night..

By milkyak

The Great Deku Tree after too much eggnog.

By hiddensquire

Fa la la la derp der der der derp

By TaintedTruffle

Oh Christmas derp, oh Christmas derp....

By KaminoNeko

♫ It's christmas, come on and decorate me ♫

By cris_zangiski

I love Pizza!

By OooOOOoOo


By drummerman375

The Yodeling tree

By Blobdon

That annoying novelty singing Christmas tree.

By In A Cucumber

Crazy, Vocal, and Immobile. A Treeple Threat.

By PieInABox

X-Mas Tree doesn't know that X-Mas is over.

By WonkaWoe

Insanitree 3: It's a Very Insanitree Christmas

By amemgdamcgd

The happiest christmas tree, in the world

By SirCatman

A happy Christmas tree w/ face is singing.

By Pressed Bunson

Caroling Christmas Tree

By Pixel_Pincher

The toy store REALLY went overboard this time.

By dolphinthelauren

Christmas tree sings trololol song no presents

By KaylaKamui

"Oh, Christmas Tree; oh, christmas tree..."

By donkbot

I don't know if my tree is creepy or cute

By AmBeRaZaNu.

Music makes Christmas tree insane.

By Smashington

Dad is too frugal to buy us another Xmas Tree

By DoodleNewt

Muppet Christmas Special: Nightmare Edition

By Dasyati

Yule better watch out! Yule better not cry!

By Jarvis

O Tannenbaum gone wrong

By OooOOOoOo

Look at me! I am the singing Christmas tree!

By Soelve

Tom Hanks is Treevor in Insanitree The Musical

By amemgdamcgd

Arcane, eldritch chanting animates demon tree

By zyborg

living christmas bush attacked by music notes

By m_zac

Happy Christmas Tree Friend

By Nathan15279

Barrage of bad carols cause tree to go bonkers

By maedhros

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

By harusam3

Christmas Tree singing its heart out

By Monkey D. Luffy

Googly Eye Singing Santa Tree

By Jacob3312

The cross-eyed caroling Christmas tree

By Deafice

Derpy tree joins the Christmas carols

By jawado

Christmas Tree Sings While Eating An Apple

By Mega0968

We get it Xmas Tree, you can sing...

By Yoggi

Santa secretly hides in christmas trees.

By Snowb4ll


By moonroof

Tacky Xmas Merch wants your soul.

By PriffyViole

Trees have become too human!

By TheCrazyPie

Christmas tree composition

By Heta-Wholockian

Xmas tree with Bernie Mac eyes singing

By Tammy

"Rocking around the xmas tree" sings the tree!

By SusanD

Derpy christmas singing a carol

By marioluigi554

The Grinch Tree can hear the sleigh bells

By lunibri

Kermit the singing Xmas tree!

By Varsovie

Singing Santa was turned into a Christmas tree

By Sketchy Trap

evil xmas tree sings about hate

By Cuz_Im_Quirky

singing X-mas tree is happy

By Caco Branco

Salad comes to life as singing Xmas tree

By AliceMacher36178


By Razzle Dazzle

The creature from the black lagoon

By Sweetlime

Christmas tree hates holiday music

By secret

An ill hairy Santa singing carols!

By Ladislav32422

A Christmas tree enjoys caroling


Crazy Christmas tree spreadin' holiday spirit

By thenerdist_333

Christimas wars 5 the trees strike back

By big chris

Christmas tree with huge eyes singing songs.


It just needed a radio, not anthropomorphism..

By elevatorfan7072

Xmas tree is into jingle bell rock

By Nessa_Chan111

Christmas tree tripping in yellow-music land.

By Krammy

ChristmasTreemon loves singing carols!

By solari

Zombie Christmas tree wants your brains! :Q...

By Cesar P

Anthropomorphic X-mas tree sings, a bit freaky

By Pressed Bunson

Jolly Christmas sings as beautiful as a robin

By OooOOOoOo

Yuletide carols

By 1412


By wiktor