Contests » Shark Week caption contest


"I've resorted to martial Jaw"

By CyberViber

An Artist Shark humanoid thinking about life

By Caspr

Samurai Shark

By Nny

When you listen too much Linkin Shark

By Lesingefou

A Brooding Shark Knight Ready For Revenge

By phoenixpheather

There's just someFIN 'bout his JAWline <3

By Smilewine

''Twas the end of Joan of Shark

By OooOOOoOo

One does not simply draw me with a shark head

By Potato8o

Shark Dressed as knight writing book by tree

By Harrison Parker5992

Warrior Shark in battle armor sits on a tree

By Kedamono The Wolf

"Somewhere, my enemy lurks in these woods."

By Half Life Headcrab

sad shark-knight

By Schadow

Shark Knight below red-leaShark Knight below

By Lets All Love Lain

A Poetic Shark Sitting Under a Tree

By The Watcher

cat shark buying jeans

By coolday2434

Shark the Great's plan is yet again, foiled.

By OooOOOoOo

Shark Cyborg learns to play guitar

By Hilario

There will always be Sharks in Winterfell.

By Reynardo

Blonde-hair shark knight prays? Must be Fall!

By Mister Circle

King Sharthur

By Quetzalcoatl111

A Shark Samurai sitting under a maple tree

By AnnoyingMiner

Samurai Shark thinking about his lost brother

By Coelus

I’ll shall slay the Seal for my queen

By YHelloThere


By sugarstar

Shark-knight ponders under a tree in autumn

By Niydfass

Sir Rat beneath a tree

By Ray Chaos

Buff Shark Man Sits under tree

By Fuskerbob

To bite or not to bite, that is the question.

By SirBear

McShark’s final moments before battle

By JoshYouAre

Violins are best played by shark peop

By OooOOOoOo

I'll bite your legs off.

By camel

We're gonna need a bigger catapult.

By HaveYouEverWonderedWhyWe

shark knight in canada

By Zurcaan

Handsome Jaws ponders under a tree

By ItsTylerNotTrevor

A land Shark knight Stands by a tree readying

By DarkKitsuneBroke

Ned Shark of Finterfell

By Mesmic

A manly shark hunk resting by a negative tree

By Ronald Monald

Sir Sharkington of Pacifelot.

By Emperor Butterscotch

Ned Shark has regrets

By Shadowheart

A shark-warrior in ambush...

By LaLadyLara

Who'd imagine that Mermaid male'd look like?

By Lesingefou


By ripart

Shark Prince Charming Analyzing his Sword

By SuperSodaYoda14

A day in the life of a sharky samurai

By Ihdere

a shark samurai sitting next to a maple tree

By OooOOOoOo

"Why do I look like this?"

By dimpufrn


By Azerot

Thor The Shark With His Hammer On A Tree

By Green egg productions

The samurai shark seeks his prey...

By Cuphead

SCHOOL those fish! FIN-ish this!!!

By Storyborder

Shark Samurai

By Tiny Japanese Empire

A crying alone shark knight under a tree

By OooOOOoOo

New D&D race: Sharkborn

By Life in the Fast Lane

Shark rambo looking at it's next victim

By AaronG021

Blonde shark samurai sits under tree

By LavenderCrumbs

Consept art for the villain of Sharknado 6

By Thinking Mark O Plier

Travelling shark is feeling down

By Brendan

Sir Sharkhalad

By N0PEn0pe

Left Shark is Thor, but a police knight

By Creatures1234

Sir. Chompsalot

By Ninjaduck

stark shark

By comedy master

A weary shark soldier laments his ways

By Logostoss

lady shark riding motorcycle past maple tree

By Hameleosha De Hoga

A sword gained, a sea lost, tis be a sad cost

By Fluffy Fish92

the sharker 3: blood and water

By Too many onions

"It's hard finding women who will kiss me"

By Chomgito

A Shark Knight Sorrowing Under A Maple Tree

By 1Flittyboy1

The mighty human shark draws its sword

By Kitiizu

The Armored Hero of the Sea

By Butterfly123

Great White Stark: The Lord of Fin-terfell

By Darth Dawn

I didn't know Japan remastered Shark Tale!

By A Creative Name I guess


By Mariatova

Meet my neighbor, Sharkspeare!

By OooOOOoOo

Snake training to be a stormtrooper

By Jared Kushner

zelda shark samurai below a cherry tree

By waterstone

Shark relaxing I dunno


Nobody knew that male mermaids look like this

By Lesingefou

Shark knight waits for his bride under a tree

By ImDisgUstin

Lone shark warrior rests under a maple tree

By No Name here

The Great White Knight

By Calum

shark astray from brethren ends up in Canada

By AkwardScribbi

shark in a war

By OooOOOoOo

William Shakespeare as a shark under a tree.

By TryThis

Humanoid thor shark hiding behind a tree

By PrincessFunnies

Shark god sitting under a tree with armour on

By Mistii

Ned Shark

By MaxOutTheCake

Shark elvis plays guitar under japanese tree

By AquaDoesStuff

Sharkeo, sharkeo where'art thou sharkeo?

By zeria

A depressed ninga shark, sitting under a tree

By fairly strange

Sharkind was not always this primal...

By Storyborder

Ned Shark Prepares For Decapitachum

By Uhkneerudh

Sad Samurai Knight Shark Is Sad

By The Kawaii Potato

The Philosophy Shark

By OooOOOoOo

" Psst! Is this the Shaw-Shark Redemption?"

By OooOOOoOo

I need sushis! Let's behead this Knight plz!!

By Lesingefou

Shark knights are always sad in the fall.

By Domino Boy 08

sad handsome shark knight under maple tree

By Weird Potato

Thor should’ve gone for thanos’ head

By OooOOOoOo

Samurai shark contemplating existence.

By MelonSlicee

Sad knight shark under black Canadian tree

By PisuCat

Lord Eddard Shark of House Shark

By Beary Doughnut

Shark/grey giant baby hybird

By Mark Atkinson

Shark-speare in love

By SonnetGirl

A blonde samurai shark under tree silhouette

By TransboiOwO

The World Is Not Ready For Us Yet

By OooOOOoOo

Sharksaac Newton

By barracuda9123

... but then I took an arrow to the fin.

By The Snakeu

Prince Sharkming

By whataloadahooey

Shark headed knight in front of tree

By creatorofthemind

Ned Shark "Winter is Coming"

By Doodle Squad

Samurai Shark questions their past actions

By BluePotato

Shark Studying the Ways of a Samurai

By Mewnation

The Fall of Shark Knight

By Kandyskin

Sad shark warrior having some alone time

By Ssketchy

archer shark with blonde hair under a tree

By andjelkov

Shark Knight

By OooOOOoOo

shark lad lands a job as a poet

By 50Precent

How tea was made

By LovelyOtter

A Fish From a Chinese Tale

By SamS291

When you just turn vegan and pass a McDonalds

By StoopySquirrel

Shark of the round table

By Fireking1

Sir Sharkton contumplates under a fall maple.

By Beki Red Shakespeare

Those seals will never see this coming

By SushiOwl

cupid/warrior shark

By Cheetah211

Medieval mascarade gone wrong

By 0bl4chko

Man-Shark Under an Autumn tree

By SummerSeption

A Shark Samurai/Knight under a tree.

By Cactusd00d

guy with shark head near a tree

By ekrixis

Shark man holding sword

By rainawastaken

Shark samurai thinks about his life decisions

By OooOOOoOo

shark week

By Seth Shepherd

Shark knight under a tree

By Bladedude11

A shark with hair

By CocoMilk

I will kill the humans and avenge you father!

By EpicCupcake333

Day 3: OMG, Senpai Jaws noticed me today! :D

By SylveonGirl23

Samurai Shark: Coming to a theater near you!

By Paxkiddo

you watch too much anime but your a shark

By TriShot

The weight of killing so many hits Sir Shark

By CoinBlip

This Drawing is Jaw-Some!

By OooOOOoOo

Feeding frenzy’s done; battle’s lost and won.

By Misanthropicaz

shark samurai under a maple tree

By ekrixis

legolas is actually a reptilian scum

By Dat Taco

A scratch!? Your arm's off!

By PretzelManiac

Ishaark Newton's Jaws of Motion

By MostlyProfanity

Land Shark is surprisingly domestic

By Nissa

Price Charming Shark AU

By ImPoppy

shark with blond wig holds a cross

By Lets All Love Lain

Shark knight plays guitar under red leaf tree

By KirbThePinkPuff

shrek shark

By yasssss


By DiamondTMZ

"Hello sharkness my old friend.."

By OooOOOoOo

When Sauron pranks Legalus during Shark Week

By PoopNuggeParty

Samurai Sharkior

By Kyle Whatzittoya

shark thor sits under maple tree holds weapon

By redlemonloser25

Shark with hair gets betrayed

By geobin

Shark thor with his mighty weapon : a stick!

By D A N G

SharkNinja used: Retaliate!

By NOOTsuki

deformed knight stares into the blank white

By ButterInABucket

Sad shark with armor sits under a maple tree

By end me

a shark-headed knight holding his sword

By reginagrxce

Its been 3 years since I lost John to the war

By unstableLoyalty

human shark hybrid with hair cries under tree

By Peanut The Dog

Sharklockhomes makes some coffee

By OooOOOoOo

Shark with hair playing an instrument?

By Dat1SaltyArtist

Not shark week...but shark KNIGHT

By bajablastbaby

Ninja shark has failed to avenge his father

By CatDee14

Sir Sharkington Contemplates Knighthood

By Queen Fisher

Upcoming DLC for Skyrim: Sharkborn

By Bumphg

Prince Sharking

By OooOOOoOo

Shark Thor


Canadian man-sharks live a tough life

By Steffo

Sir Sharklot wonders why everybody ran away

By ShyBoo

Game of thrones guy with a shark face

By OctoGrap

Winter is coming for Game Of Thrones shark

By PickleChicken

Shark knight gets dumped by his girlfriend

By OhMyLawdImPM

I'll be waiting for you, 'til the leaves fall

By Winter0The0Fox

Time to become.. who I was meant to be

By chives

Shark Anime: Sharkruto!

By Memesauce

Retired samurai shark takes a nap

By Iuventius

samurai shark getting ready for a fish battle

By im addicted to memes ple

shark has mastered his true ninja power

By airrin

Stoic sharkheaded man in armor sits by tree

By unstableLoyalty

Omae wa mou sharkdeu

By YellowCardboard

A shark ninja with blonde hair

By Do not view this page

How Sharking! Winter is Coming.

By prettycutedress

Sharkolas Redleaf

By OriginalName2

Shark bard

By KrusKal

The Knight that hated the most fish smell.

By Lesingefou

Samurai Shark contemplates life under tree

By KrashKazoooie

Shark warrior under a tree

By Da_Introverted_Wyvern !

Samurai Sharko

By SkeleNinjas

Game Of Sharks

By Hrmstruck

a ninja shark under a maple tree in japan

By Artistrywolf

Warrior shark looks disappointed in white

By WaluigiBestGirl

Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the Sharks of war.

By Misanthropicaz

Thor with shark head

By perijaz

the shark samurai sits contemplates life

By lembowe

Shark man is cri

By OctoGrap

The shark force, has captured the land.

By Prod

Blond shark warrior under a tree

By Stormcloud

I'm still in a dream, Shark Eater!

By PowerPikachu

Lonely shark dwells about the past he left

By FaithDoge

Samaria shark under a mapple tree

By ChloeTheShortDerp

Samurai Shark Regrets Life Choices(he should)

By Penguinfami

Shark-shank Redemption

By ctjamjelly

To shark or not to shark that is the question

By sandelswagger

I wonder how he looks like from behind

By Warze

Lizard robot thinks he is in star wars

By Jared Kushner

all hail king land shark king of land skark

By Edward McCarthy

shark knight rests underneath oak tree

By zZigzag

Isaac Newton as a land shark is about to disc

By BombasticLion

King Sharkthur stops for a rest

By samdrawsstuff

Romeo and Juliet 2: Fintastic Fairytale

By coinythecoin

Shark with amazing hair

By Brendan

i, sire shark, has planted my crying tree...

By ArtsyIgnorance

Lord Of The Fins

By ToastedGoose

link as a shark sits wisefully under a tree

By Ghostly Artist

Victorian Business Shark

By _Demiryu1279

Since I can't move in from this, I must die

By Throwaway812

Sir Sharksalot of Canada

By FlamingShark

"Fish are friends, not food." - Ned Shark

By NancyDrew72

A Human Shark Sitting Under A Autumn Tree

By zack123738clone

High above the tree tops rests sharkman

By Magsamania

shark sold its soul

By Griesgram1962

blonde shark with armour on next to a tree

By 1Flittyboy1

A gladiator in the battle of Sharkansas.


Lonely warrior shark

By Raposa

Ned Stark as a shark

By La Baguette

"I fart in your general direction!"

By Jonny Darko

Shark Boy cast in game of thrones

By Txdust80

William Sharkspear

By Eighty8

The Shark Knight Rises thinks about haircut

By Mr Anonymous

Shark of Rivia

By EspeonUsedPsychic

A shark night under a maple leaf tree.


He-Shark, playing the violin beneath a tree

By MegurineGelidus

medieval shark sitting under a tree

By TheRandomPanda246

Knight with chameleon head sitting under tree

By Dory23

Sir Shark awaits battle under a tree

By rnyorke

samurai shark sitting under a tree



By Miloiolu

Sharkolas prepares for Mordor (colorized)

By OooOOOoOo

William Sharkspeare

By sadbrowngirl

Last battle was jawful, I regret everyfin.

By SirBear

Shark ninja retires his sword

By RToast13

Blond Shark Under Maple

By PotatoPizza

a strong, sad shark sitting next to a tree

By Design and Art

Teenager shark collecting garbage in autumn

By Catalein

Fish head is a knight

By Songibal

"Canadian mad scientist on the loose"

By hsalpiz181

Why do humans like kalamari when sharks don't

By unstableLoyalty

Lord of the sharks

By mallard pls

Shark Week is coming.

By OooOOOoOo

When people keep testing ur peaceful attitude

By StoopySquirrel

One does not simply caption a Stark-Shark

By ZachD

Sir Sharky B. prepares to attack from treetop

By Blodhgarm

Sir Chompelot

By Gameboy3245

breath of the wild dlc looking great so far

By Equiinox

Shark in shining armor sits under maple tree.

By Berenvonbaggins

Warrior Shark gazes solemnly by a cherry tree

By crookshanks72

ThorShark sits defeated;The Dolphins have won

By Egg 005

Chris Hemsworth the shark is sad

By the duck is pleased

Shark samari

By epicgoat44

Medieval shark flutist resting under a tree

By StartledPanda

Hamlet is a were-shark

By Deysey