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Congrats to Guindi for the winning entry and 50 duck prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Here are the final results of the Caption this drawing caption contest.

"Thank god no one invited Yellmo to the feast"
By Guindi

The weirdest Tinder date

By Cattats

How to use fork tutorial [GONE WRONG]

By Avesis

"We need to fatten up to survive Black Friday"

By RynTheTimeLord

A very Drawception Thanksgiving.

By im bored entertain me pl

"All the memes were invited, too."

By Karweenie


By Liam McNicholas

What is this sharing you speak of?

By Ayumi Akuma

Looks like someone is Red D to eat

By Lex Loser

I'm thankful for Drawception. :)

By Macalla

Drawception gives turkey a seal of approval

By SirPants

Alright! who invited the seal?!

By Mr Toothy

This turkey isn't intuitive enough for seal.

By Bovely

D is for Dinner

By Mutant Llama

Sorry this is a seal-D-account

By GopherNation

God, bless this luscious and hand-drawn turkey

By Pepperoni

Let us all be Thankful for another memey year.

By Ruye Harima

Thanksgiving dinner Intuitive enough for seal

By Mr Toothy

Turkey gets Drawception D's SEAL of approval

By NanoRobotGeek

Drawception's SEELed the deal! Oh, my!

By OooOOOoOo

Thanksgiving intuitive enough for seal

By DaneDraws

"I'm not gonna get any of the turkey, am I?"

By BananaB98

Found a whole turkey in the trash this year!

By Prince of Heart

The Last Supper

By Creativity Humor

what seal didn't know was D was eating his bro

By Happy Karrot

Turkey dinner intuitive enough for seal

By Tafkae

sharing a gobble, it's gonna be trouble

By Xiao Lin

The SEAL of approval for all thanksgivings

By nikki2221

Never liked the guy anyway..

By Komtur

D's thanksgiving gets a seal of approval !

By Martinii93

A feast of memes and kings.

By OooOOOoOo

Thanksgiving with the drawception crew

By Butterflyeffect

Internet Thanksgiving

By kabukeo

Two Virginians and an immigrant

By PhantasticWhovian

Thanksgiving for the Drawception Community!

By Creativity Humor

Next year we should get children meat.

By Number1SUS

Dankest Thanksgiving

By Pleco The Memer

Seal wants the D !!!

By Nardo Da Vinci

A Sacrifice to the great overlord of DC

By OooOOOoOo

Who are you people and how did you get in?!

By Ayumi Akuma

And he himself, Drawception, carved the turkey

By BreGee


By OooOOOoOo

Drawception "seals" with turkey dinner!

By SirPants

Funny seeing you here, its like a de ja vu.

By K9afeliz

Seal intuitive enough for thanksgiving dinner

By Rayed

Thanksgiving with the squad

By MTTtrash

Drawception has seal approval

By Whovian007

Dont have a family 4 Thanksgiving?Drawception

By fancyfizzle

My Turkey! Get your own you stupid seal!

By Zormac the Bed Monster

Today we give thanks to Drawception

By Animaleyes

The D himself, carved the roast beast!

By Certain Oddities

A feast and friends really SEALS the deal

By unoficiallytrash

the sacrifice pleases lord D

By Charity Quill

turkey carving intuitive enough for seal

By Little Miss Thingo

One does not simply assign meals to people

By Russian-Tetris

Seal: Yeah, keep going, D. I hated that guy.

By ironicarcade

drawception,seal,and silhouette eating turkey

By OooOOOoOo

D ready to eat the seal instead of the Turkey

By TiaraLili

I'm REDy I'm REDy!

By Cuke Radish

Now how is Red D going to eat this turkey?

By OooOOOoOo

They're having a feast. But you're next.

By manga_artist

dearly beloved we are gathered here today.....

By K9afeliz

When dad wants his protein

By Pwalls5103

Deep inside the DC servers on Thanksgiving.

By Calum

CSI Drawception treats Seal with rustic dinner

By nyann

Look and you shall see the D cutting a turkey

By Happyrules

The Thanksgiving of Man, D, and Seal

By Loeglass

When you don't want to share the food

By Adissapointment

Thanksgiving day may be weird but special

By patotemgrilo

Silly humans. Memes also like eating food.

By Russian-Tetris

Turkey Time With My Pals!

By firefile

Drawception family eating a thanksgiving meal

By SelyM19

Glowseal and Klear watching D cutting a Turkey

By GeromeB

Drawception at its finest

By trippinpaint

an average day in the life of an artist

By JbubbleU

I'm thankful for Drawception, seals, and anons

By JennDragon

Pure chaos ensues while thanksgiving is happen

By GlennicusMagicallicus

A completely normal thanksgiving get-together

By 9kirby99

A feat of memes and kings.

By OooOOOoOo

The D cutting viciously into the chicken

By Sweg Dragon

Mortal enemies bond over turkey dinner

By krao4786

Your average Drawception Thanksgiving

By Sweg Dragon

a seal, an anon and drawception eating turkey

By Serval Sentinel

User's seal of approval for DC's Thanksgiving

By Mitometeta

A feast for loud obnoxious things

By weirdguy149

drawception eating turkey with friends

By Julien Hétu

A meal fit for a king.

By lammergeier

Look! D's plated your plate!

By OooOOOoOo

My Turkey and My Turkey only

By Mikuta the Charlotte

It's a thanksgiving, Drawception!

By Drigglesnork


By xxMemeMasterxx

drawception having a feast with friends

By Mr Bench

Win Thanksgiving Dinner with D, Seal and You!

By spaceshipdraw

Time To Eat Honest Lives.

By TheQuizzer

Otter joins Drawception and Anonymous for Meal

By SeaGalDal Senn

And so a D gave poultry to a seal.

By Cuke Radish

Seal YOU at Thanksgiving with Drawception!


D best thanksgiving ever!

By SansLV

jake the dog(adventure time) pooped his diaper

By Popee The Performer

now all that's left is you

By the occult

A Beautiful Thanksgiving- DrawCeption style!

By Macalla

Drawception D cuts a juicy, delicous, turkey.

By Whaal

Drawception is ready to chow down on some tyt

By Sora655

"D" Turned evil and invited 2 items to kill

By Shadow Gizmo

A nice thanksgiving dinner with Drawception

By SovietMarmalade

A toast to Drawception

By FlySkunk

A Drawception Thanksgiving

By Anonymous Axolotl

Drawception hugs turkey + promises to not kill

By Rno

The thanksgiving dinner with The Big D.

By OooOOOoOo

the drawception logo partaking in Thanksgiving

By TrustyRusty

D invites guests to dinner. Wait, what dinner?

By RetroKitty21

Drawception D throws a party for every drawing

By Sponge Cave

The Drawception Outcast Thanksgiving

By The Dark Swan

Icons gather around for thanksgiving

By Arc1Dragon

The Devil Celebrating Thanksgiving.

By OooOOOoOo


By QueenOfCats

The drawception thanksgiving feast

By OooOOOoOo

drawception thanksgiving feast

By Kyle Molidor

Dinner with the Fishes

By Supanoobman

The Evil Drawception D poisoned the turkey!

By Yoshifire8

Thanksgiving with D, Seal, and Facebook User

By Shiraz Khan

Brownception D with a seal eating Thanksgiving

By Xanman12321

Facebook person, drawception and seal.

By MrPretyBombur

Red D-ception D shares turkey w/ seal & anon

By jesuschristlizard

The D, Anon, & a seal gather for Thanksgiving.

By TheBiggerFish

D eating a turkey with a seal and a sillouette

By crazy poop

Drawception celebrates Thanksgiving w/ players

By KittyCatastrophe09

The dankest drawception thxgiving WITH A SEAL

By Pleco The Memer

Mr D and His Husband the Seal: Thanksgiving

By LennieCon

Thanksgiving with draception is intuitive

By CvLoria

DC D, a seal, and a default avatar eat turkey

By Im Your Average Memer

Mystery diner not impressed by DrawceptionD Carvin

By LTee

Drawception eating w/ a seal and a profile pic

By Anyone

Anon, Drawception and some random walrus feast

By eichitenshouin

a cranberry D cuts turkey for a seal and you

By Mcpipz

Drawful, guest, seal and seaweed eat turkey

By OooOOOoOo

Drawcerptions Unplanned Dinner Party

By OooOOOoOo

Red D enjoys thanksgiving with a seal <3

By OooOOOoOo

Gobble it up buddies!

By noun

Red D measures roast turkey with silverware

By Robro

Dinner at the drawception house

By NeKKohA

Red drawception, anonymous, and rodent FEAST!

By Itsweirdyouknowthenamesy

Eating plate with your drawception mutuals

By Sokkeneter

Drawception feast

By OooOOOoOo

Drawception now needs to exersize

By Antisocial

The "D" carving turkey with a seal and profile

By Boogles

A red drawception D with a seal and a human

By Cynthia Dunlevy

D and others having a thankful thanksgiving

By fishMcfish

A picture, A Red D and a Sea lion enjoying a t

By Yvel Yveltal

Cannibal D w/ seal eating raw turkey

By Derpy Squeegee

Seal unknown and d enjoy a thanksgiving turkey

By Lizzie2401

Seal is thankful for a leg from Anon

By Rhig Ganomie

Logo tries to cut chicken with butter knife.

By Wilku

DC D has a seal of approval for his carving

By LTee

Drawception can't cut a turkey, also a seal.

By cartungis

D won't share the turkey with Anon or Mrs Seal


Drawception has nice Thanksgiving with seal

By 101TheLittleGiant

Red D consumes raw turkey with rat and photo

By The Bee Man

seal, anon and D eating turkey

By coolskeliton95

D has turkey with a blank profile & porkupine

By CrazyGirlGamer

Raged Drawception and Seal eating raw turkey

By Derpy Squeegee

Thanksgiving feast

By SHSLOtaku

Drawception D protects turkey from otter

By Ink Blue

Drawception has lovely guests for Thanksgiving

By curtains5


By HamiltonTrash

Drawcemption and seal eating Turkey

By Samantha Neilan

Evil D, Anon, and Seal enjoy Thanksgiving!

By Heavy Breathing

Red Drawception, seal and unknown eats

By Green Tide

Drawcep. carving turkey for a seal and player

By smoores

Seal, Republican D and Generic Avatar Feasting.

By Ladondorf

drawgiving with drawception and seal

By OooOOOoOo

Drawception thanksgiving feast with a seal

By OooOOOoOo

social-media cites have thanksgiving wth seal

By loki69


By Brixxi

drawception eats with facebook and #smellyseal

By skyotter

Mummy Seal& D on a date eating CHICKENBREASTT~

By MysticalMarshmallows


By xatnich

Drawception, a user, and a seal share a turkey

By Makhi Ohara

draw.. carves chicken for facebook and a seal

By OooOOOoOo

Drawception® thanksgiving with otter and blank

By big gurth

Drawception logo carves a turkey for a Seal

By kevster99410

happy thanksgiving, drawception and mole!

By gabi Pixel

D, seal and blank eating a turkey

By SuperRainbow

Drawception D eating a turkey with a seal

By OooOOOoOo

red drawception cuts the turkey for a seal

By skrtskrt

Red Drawee has TG Dinner with seal and shadow


happy turkey din din but not on thanksgiving

By Dronguss

red "D" eating chicken with a seal and anon.