Feb 14th The Valentine's day themed color palette is now available!

Drawing In Time pictures

KarolBeatbox 64 [ 3:47am Sat Sep 12th, 2015 ]

You guys make really awesome art!

Lumicatti 59 [ 11:29am Sun Sep 20th, 2015 ]


Here's my draft of my work It's not ready I am busy lol

daysdawnskinscrawl 70 [ 2:14pm Sun Sep 20th, 2015 ]

I love this thing but I can't runaway from my flat coloring style and bad shading skills. :c

And I am really surprised Grom's Russian! haha

Lumicatti 59 [ 12:39am Mon Sep 21st, 2015 ]

Daysdawnskinscrawl it''s rather easy if you learn. I suggest to watch Van Gogh's paintings and some other, you will learn how you can put many colours on top of each others and it doesn't need to be always the same colour. IF YOU paint like leaves, you can put some blue there or red. As an art student (Have been in art pressured school, I am still there and this is the last year) they taught me lots of things about colouring. And shading you should maybe start with just pencil and think where the light would come. I suggest to start with things like just basic shapes. For example: http://hippie.nu/~unicorn/tut/img/basics/lightshadow/shapes-shading.jpeg and http://img08.deviantart.net/0eca/i/2005/191/e/7/ink_shading_practice_by_zephyron.jpg you really should start with these. To be honest, in my opinion you should start practicing shading before colour mixing :)

John, why? 80 [ 5:14pm Mon Sep 21st, 2015 ]

Thought I'd test out the opacity feature a bit and draw a companion piece to one I did of Ernie for the game:

Bert Playback

Lumicatti 59 [ 11:42pm Mon Sep 21st, 2015 ]

JOHN wHY ArE yOu So PerFect?????

Dinosuar 47 [ 2:18pm Thu Sep 24th, 2015 ]

hehe nice john

Shamely, i don't know how to use correctly the opacity feature :x

Grom PE 51 [ 1:24pm Sat Feb 20th, 2016 ]

New feature: now it is possible to edit and share custom palettes.

Just choose "Custom" palette and you'll enter edit mode.
Clicking a color will prompt for a new color code,
"+" will add a color (set to primary by default),
"-" will remove a color (either matching secondary color or the last color) and set secondary color to the removed color.
"Share custom palette" will show you a code to paste to the forum for a nice visual representation.

Link to start with editing an empty custom palette: http://grompe.org.ru/drawit/#pal/

Some palettes:

Kurtz 25 [ 2:18pm Sat Feb 20th, 2016 ]

DbyS' palette reminded me of something...

alt text

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Siberisch Jager 53 [ 7:00am Sun Feb 21st, 2016 ]

Here's a drawing I did with my custom Bob Ross palette: link text

Palette: Custom palette

The colors order is kinda messed up, because I had to find it through my browser history,

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Grom PE 51 [ 7:07am Sun Feb 21st, 2016 ]

That's the default custom one =)

Siberisch Jager 53 [ 9:28am Sun Feb 21st, 2016 ]

@Grom PE oh. Sorry, didn't notice. xD

SerialDoodler 63 [ 9:53am Sun Feb 21st, 2016 ]


I drew this the other day. Didn't use any custom palettes or anything (other than the default custom/'Freedom' palette). Diver requested it in the Draw Whatever thread.

The other palettes I used were Halloween and...Beach I think? I might be forgetting one

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Grom PE 51 [ 4:27pm Sat Jul 9th, 2016 ]

Small update:

By the way, Arne has a nice art tutorial, check it out!

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Grom PE 51 [ 2:50pm Fri Sep 23rd, 2016 ]

I saw this and made randomized color canvas mod for fun:


(You can't choose your color, and each time you finish the stroke, the color is randomized)

edited: 2:54pm 09/23/16
Epicnoob 30 [ 4:11pm Fri Sep 23rd, 2016 ]

image description

the DUCKING BLAH from sr pelo: the ice cream


(i did this from memory so sorry if there's anything wrong)

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Epicnoob 30 [ 5:44pm Tue Sep 27th, 2016 ]

image description

it's almost halloween month folks

i hate to update a thread two times in a row but eh

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Grom PE 51 [ 5:05am Wed Aug 20th, 2014 ]

As some of you already may know, I'm working on a new canvas for Drawception.

It resulted in stand-alone webapp with particularly interesting feature:
it can record and playback the drawing process.

I invite you to try it out and share your drawing (and drawing process) here.

Drawing in Time

Enter the upgraded Sandbox!

To share the drawing, press "Upload to imgur" button and then share the link to it.
Also you can combine image and link together like so:

To view, you can automatically load image from imgur in the app by appending its identifier in the URL:
(You may need to refresh the page afterwards)
If all else fails, you can save the image to your computer and then load it back into the app.

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