Drawing In Time pictures

QuitTheSite 69 [ 4:29pm Thu Aug 21st, 2014 ]

"... And 'ow do I get down? Wait, 'ow did I get UP 'ERE???"

I was gonna give him a strawberry helmet but then I remembered MPen's hardcore!


Watch it be drawn if that's your thing!

N00bsaur 45 [ 7:16pm Thu Aug 21st, 2014 ]

While watching that I realized that I have no idea what a bike looks like...bravo Trash, bravo

Swag Masta of Doncasta 74 [ 12:18am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

haha Trash

QuitTheSite 69 [ 4:16am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

Swag, the animation data is stored in the PNG file, so as long as you save that and don't change it in another program you can bring it back into GromPE's app. The easiest thing to do if you want to manage uploading it yourself is just choose the "Export Drawing" button, save it to your computer, then upload it to your imgur account. Then you can make a link to open it in GromPE's app by just putting the imgur name into the address. Like let's say you upload it to imgur and the address is


All you have to do is look at the end where it says dRrKAtK.png and stick everything but the .png into the address for GromPE's app, like this:


That will create a link that will load the .png you uploaded to imgur into GromPE's app. You can then even keep working on it if you want, save it out again, whatever you like. It's very nice!

MPen 50 [ 9:30am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

Lol :D

TfD, I'm honoured ... and for someone who doesn't know what a bicycle looks like, I'd say you did pretty good! Just... er... no brakes?

(However, BCF is a motorcycle forum ;)

As for the Dawnbringer thing, ah, I knew I recognised it from somewhere. In fact, it's their efforts which inspired my own attempt at it. I wasn't aware they'd actually finalised it yet though, thought it was still a WIP? (though, the latest iteration was still pretty neat)

MPen 50 [ 9:36am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

Hmm, could maybe do with both normalising and posterising it a little (to 12-bit precision, say) for a better tonal range and more authenticity... lemme see what I can do :p

Swag Masta of Doncasta 74 [ 9:41am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

D: sooo mcuh stuff to remember, but, i will try my best!

Clunse 69 [ 10:22am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

You can also press Upload To Imgur.

This will give you a link like this: http://imgur.com/cxhlLjh

If you follow the link you can see this in the image description: Playback: http://grompe.org.ru/drawit/#cxhlLjh

And that's the playback link.

Swag Masta of Doncasta 74 [ 10:56am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]
Klear 73 [ 10:57am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

It does indeed!

MPen 50 [ 11:14am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

BTW, will there be a "fast forward" button / selectable replay speed or the like?

Grom PE 51 [ 11:22am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

Just drag the knob with speed you like. I don't think complicating the interface with "fast forward" is necessary.

Klear 73 [ 11:28am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

I don't think he can reach the handlebars. Or the pedals for that matter.

MPen 50 [ 11:46am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

Right, here's an Amigafied version for extra sexiness :D

 Blackish: 17 - 0 - 17 (or flatten it to 0-0-0 or 17-17-17)
 Purpevil: 68 - 34 - 51
 Indigo: 34 - 51 - 102
 Iron: 68 - 68 - 68 (alternative: 85 - 68 - 85, if it doesn't look too strongly tinted to you)
 Dirt: 136 - 68 - 34
 Forest: 51 - 102 - 34
 Lips: 221 - 68 - 68
 Rock: 119 - 119 - 102 (alternative: 119 - 102 - 102, or 119 - 102 - 85, for some slightly different but also darker tones)
 Water: 85 - 136 - 221
 Fresh Rust: 221 - 136 - 34 (or, if you prefer, "Sunset")
 Silver: 136 - 153 - 170 (or "Mithril")
 Grass: 102 - 170 - 34
 Raw Pork: 221 - 170 - 153
 Sky: 102 - 204 - 221
 Lemons!: 238 - 221 - 85
 Whitey: 238 - 255 - 221 (or you can flatten it to 255-255-255 or 238-238-238)``

However, fully flattened ones may as well be achieved by me stretching the entire palette's levels out even further rather than manually fiddling those two colours, which might alter the intermediates some, so it'd be better to play with that and see what happens really.

MPen 50 [ 11:47am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]


Gentlemen, our solution is clear: We kill the Markdown.

Swag Masta of Doncasta 74 [ 11:49am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]


MPen 50 [ 11:51am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

I have to respectfully disagree, by the way. Unless the people I'm watching draw have exceptionally fast fingers, they're already sped up by a certain unknown factor. Having to drag back and forth with the mouse is an uncertain and uneven thing, and requires continual interactive control and attention. If I just want to watch the whole thing at a faster or slower speed than whatever the default is (say, either in realtime, or by as-fast-again compared to that), it'd be far more convenient and effective - and pretty standard - to just have some way of selecting the playback speed. Even if it was via a key combination (a la the 5 play speeds of the classic International Karate Plus, which bound them to a rake of F-keys) rather than a visible button laid alongside the existing play/pause one.

MPen 50 [ 11:53am Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

Oh and I could also do a 9-bit posterised one if anyone cares, for that Atari ST / Sega Genesis feel... but that'll definitely need greater pre-stretching as it's a much less subtle gamut and as it stands adds a quite strong cast to at least one of the greys.

Solyr 50 [ 12:51pm Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 ]

Just a random kangaroo here:

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