Subliminal Batmans Return \o/

Ackter 69 [ 2:14pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

So, who's up for some subliminal batmanning?

It's been a long while, but the rules are simple.

  1. When you draw a panel, insert Batman into it in as subtle a way as possible
  2. If your Batman is spotted and causes a game to be derailed, you are doing it wrong
  3. Once the game is complete, post a link to it in here so we can try to spot it \o/

Here's some old examples of the previous thread to give you an idea of just how subtle this needs to be:

img img img

To reiterate, your panels must not cause games to derail. This is an imperative clause of taking part. If you think your drawing is too obvious, it probably is, so play it safe and draw over it.


PieInABox 54 [ 2:17pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

Wow, those are hidden! Well, it's Pizza Batman time.

Top left on the S's shading, Batman mosaic, Batman shirt.

Ackter 69 [ 2:21pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

The middle one is probably too obvious to get away with in today's game, but at least if it was caught out it would still make sense within the logic of the game (the description was "Man is confused by Modern Art"). So basically, be very careful when taking part. We don't want to be ruining anybody else's games with this.

Scribbletard 65 [ 2:25pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

LOL!! OMG, drawings will be filled with tiny pizzas and subliminal bmans! It is hard enough for those of us who are challenged to draw what needs to be drawn. BUT, I like the challenge.

Mesmic 65 [ 2:28pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

Yep, anything that encourages a lot of drawing and taking part is needed right now. Fun little side games like this are great at bringing the community together imo :)

I'm up for some subliminal batman-ing. Subliminal being absolutely crucial, my lovelies!

sumolegend 67 [ 2:29pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

Mega bonus to anyone who can subliminally have Batman washing the Bat-mobile in short shorts while eating a slice of pizza.

quiddity 57 [ 2:41pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]


Scribbletard 65 [ 2:46pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

@haecceity LOL!

Thorsini 73 [ 2:56pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

I loved this game... the old thread had the most amazing hidden batmans.

Scribbletard 65 [ 3:02pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

I just started a game w/a hidden (MEAT) pizza and a subliminal batman. Winter is fun. :)

TaintedTruffle 65 [ 3:41pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

asfskxhkhkhwkchk Bat man AND pizza?! I'll try my best

Mesmic 65 [ 3:47pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

My first Subliminal Batman panel is in already.

A bit lazy for my first attempt, they'll get better with more practice hopefully C:

PieInABox 54 [ 5:02pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

Nice, Lucky1Yena!

Lucky1Yena 55 [ 5:13pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

And nobody noticed it yet in the game so i guess it's a success?

TheCrazyPie 37 [ 5:21pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

PieInABox, I think your hidden pizza was noticed.

PieInABox 54 [ 5:34pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]


Koozer 33 [ 5:37pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

Is it his mouth Lucky?

GrimbyBECK 73 [ 6:02pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

Again, just like with Pizza War...Sub Batman's should not be discovered by the person following your drawing.

First Rule of Subliminal Batman and Pizza War Club is what? That's right?

PieInABox 54 [ 6:08pm Sat Jan 25th, 2014 ]

Don't talk about it?

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