Moderation Policy

Drawception is designed to be largely moderated by the community itself with the ability to flag/remove panels and report players. This approach scales as the game grows, which has millions of drawings, captions and comments.

But some cases require moderator input and action. For those we have a few carefully vetted and trusted volunteer moderators. You may see them in the forums and comments with this moderator icon next to their name. If you receive a warning from a moderator, heed it seriously. Ask for clarity if you're confused, but attacking moderators is not allowed and such comments will be removed.

If you have a question or complaint about moderation, please contact us via email. Ban or slowpost appeals (FAQ) are also via email, handled privately between the player and moderators. Bans are not discussed publicly.

Our moderators strive to be fair and operate in good faith. We ask the same of you. When seeing the actions of moderation, realize that you may not be aware of the full context going on behind the scenes (e.g., players often have a history you don't know about).

Note that we rely on the community to raise issues to us, as we're not online 24/7 and are not able to watch every single game or comment. So if you come across players breaking the rules, please send us a report by going to the player's profile page and clicking the red flag button.

Please report the following when you see it:

  • Trolling
  • NSFW content
  • Attacks / Fighting / Flamewars
  • Harrassment
  • Stalking or other obsessive behavior
  • Use of exploits or suspected tracing
  • Witch Hunts (e.g., publicly accusing players of cheating)
  • Topics of suicide, abuse or self-harm