June 12th, 2020

Jukajobs has drawn 162 drawings and authored 75 captions across 237 games. They follow 664 players and have 73 followers. They've earned a total of 703 emotes!

Frankenstein chases boy on a bicycle Oct 12th, 2021
Closeup of a Stone Age axe head. Oct 11th, 2021
Anime Pumpkin girl and skeleton break up Oct 11th, 2021
Raccoons in a snow storm Oct 10th, 2021
Sailing on a paper boat?!!? Oct 10th, 2021
fusion between cow and rat takes off Oct 10th, 2021
storm cloud replacing a business man's head Oct 2nd, 2021
two legged cat camel Sep 14th, 2021
cupcakes are making a table collapse Sep 14th, 2021
draw me like one of your french goblins Sep 5th, 2021
truck hitting a building Sep 5th, 2021
Cyndaquil skating Sep 4th, 2021
Overly dramatic hamster takes over the city Sep 4th, 2021
The King of Water Spouts Sep 4th, 2021
lion N O T I C I N G the sun Sep 4th, 2021
Evil ginger about to slay a skeleton. Sep 3rd, 2021
blue fire man Sep 2nd, 2021
Prehistoric Cake Sep 1st, 2021