June 15th, 2020   I ALWAYS GET THE LAST PANELS >:c

jaewars has drawn 276 drawings and authored 272 captions across 548 games. They follow 40 players and have 56 followers. They've earned a total of 1,636 emotes!

Sad mermaid ona beach May 15th
Free draw! Impress me mortals May 15th
blond purple vampire Mar 24th
I meditated in the... toilet portal Mar 23rd
YouTuber Jan 28th
Dairy queen phil, is it? meme Jan 26th
demon having some coffee Jan 19th
snake telling a joke Jan 19th
Emo teen demon side eyes you. Nov 29th, 2020
HERE'S VILLAGER! Nov 29th, 2020
June Egbert Nov 17th, 2020
rick winked at morty????!111/1/??! oh wow!!?1 Nov 17th, 2020
top 10 Windows viruses, No. 10: Bonzibuddy Nov 17th, 2020
Homestuck character flips me off Nov 16th, 2020
Dave passes you the milk, do you accept? Nov 16th, 2020
TO THE LIBRARY!!! (Sokka ATLA) Oct 31st, 2020
trick treating ft dio and witch Oct 30th, 2020
Just Monika Oct 30th, 2020