Corporal Adrian Shephard

August 28th, 2020   Survivor of Black Mesa, currently in stasis

Corporal Adrian Shephard has drawn 120 drawings and authored 126 captions across 246 games. They follow 11 players and have 14 followers. They've earned a total of 455 emotes!

Bart Simpson Jul 9th
Brown dog Mar 3rd
relatable meme Feb 1st
design a tattoo you would get Jan 31st
diamond ring Jan 31st
Dinosaur in space Jan 27th
circle Jan 27th
Two worms in a light saber battle Jan 23rd
thinkin bout tragedy Jan 19th
That egyptian dog dude Jan 19th
breaking the drawception rules like a boss Jan 19th
Monkey bullies stickman Jan 11th
that dragon maid girl i think Jan 4th
rhino yeets man off cliff Jan 3rd
2D (Gorillaz) but he is just head Jan 1st
man rates knack 2 a 10/5 Dec 31st, 2020
two dots, 6 feet apart cause they aint gay Dec 31st, 2020
jaiden animations a theodd1sout Dec 23rd, 2020