September 15th, 2020   X-Quadrant

DatumMatrix has drawn 516 drawings and authored 337 captions across 853 games. They follow 5 players and have 15 followers. They've earned a total of 1,658 emotes!

Crazy frog plays soccer Jan 17th, 2021
Metal Gear Solid Jan 16th, 2021
Babadook Castle Jan 3rd, 2021
Pizza made of glass Jan 12th, 2021
bonjo cat's bizarre adventure Dec 11th, 2020
song about not touching bird Dec 9th, 2020
Skull on fire Oct 17th, 2020
Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia Oct 18th, 2020
Statue wishes it was drawing Oct 16th, 2020
Blue Whale Oct 15th, 2020
Birthday cake tragically becomes self-aware Oct 16th, 2020
Fave Star Wars duel Oct 14th, 2020
Cheetah on the Moon Oct 14th, 2020
Halloween version of your fav. album cover Oct 13th, 2020
Joyous Pond Oct 12th, 2020
Draw something utterly bizarre Oct 5th, 2020