November 16th, 2020   @zere_kodex

Zere has drawn 635 drawings and authored 210 captions across 845 games. They follow 165 players and have 320 followers. They've earned a total of 11,457 emotes!

"Nothing" is written Jul 26th
frankenstein in a lightning storm Jul 25th
very fluffy chick! Jul 21st
French flag on top of the world? Jul 21st
YEAH! Butter that toast! Jul 21st
Fountain Devil Jul 21st
Cloudy with a Chance of Donuts Jul 21st
Town with a well Jul 21st
lady reading a newspaper Jul 20th
The Soldier from TF2 Jun 14th
Shark poop sauce Jun 12th
Mushroom Man at the Table Jun 11th
Mr Traffic Lights has a 1 red, 1 yellow drink Jun 10th
Heartbroken snail Jun 10th
bird finds his banana friend's dead body Jun 10th
slimy worm Jun 9th
Lego man real talk Jun 9th
pulls out reverse uno card Jun 9th