November 18th, 2020   Brasil

Anzol has drawn 107 drawings and authored 304 captions across 411 games. They follow 540 players and have 69 followers. They've earned a total of 591 emotes!

Lemon exploded underground Oct 7th, 2021
Comical Donut Oct 7th, 2021
Cat with a gun Oct 6th, 2021
Redditor's love life Oct 6th, 2021
Boxing furry says "meow" Oct 6th, 2021
Among Us on Mars looking at Earth(pls no) Mar 31st, 2021
Grilled cheese Mar 29th, 2021
Poisoned chocolate Mar 29th, 2021
Step1: Civ6 Ancient Era Mar 29th, 2021
whale drinks and shoots out strawberry juice Mar 29th, 2021
Mount Everest Mar 29th, 2021
Dan can’t find his watch Mar 29th, 2021
Princess Bubblegum as a goalkeeper aaaaaaa Mar 29th, 2021
Minecraft man sets fire to the moon Mar 29th, 2021
Clam eating a clam eating a clam Mar 29th, 2021
Iceberg-to-Iceberg Salesdolphin Mar 29th, 2021
Ice cream cone with extra fudge Mar 28th, 2021
Plane drops nukes Mar 28th, 2021