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Level: 45
Joined: April 12th, 2012
Location: San Francisco
1786 XP (148 to next level)
Life on mars, garlic to be precise Nov 4th +14 xp


two dwarfs in the wood at night Nov 4th +60 xp


Mustache Trophy Cabinet Nov 3rd +6 xp


Slenderman doubts your questioning abilities Nov 3rd +10 xp


How the Grinch Stole Your Sense of Worth Aug 9th +5 xp


Libra: ignore work, focus on love. Aug 9th +1 xp


cat in space say: hm! Aug 8th +3 xp


Pirate on night look out! Aug 3rd +4 xp


A girl darlek Jul 31st +8 xp


Rotate your owl for science Jul 31st +5 xp


All hail satan, the hypno-warthog! Jul 30th +4 xp


Rapping Pope Gangsta Jul 30th +5 xp


Leonidas, " This is Sparta!" Jun 9th +4 xp


Pikachu sits on the Iron Throne. Jun 7th +14 xp


Ariel with two roses Jun 7th +3 xp


A record with a moustache dances Jun 7th +4 xp


SCP-173 Jun 3rd +4 xp


Ent attacks a castle Jun 3rd +5 xp