November 26th, 2020   Norge!!

Jejeje has drawn 465 drawings and authored 223 captions across 688 games. They follow 58 players and have 50 followers. They've earned a total of 2,298 emotes!

emo gingerbrave drowns Dec 12th, 2021
Pooey the Winn Dec 12th, 2021
Space unicorns heart is falling out Dec 11th, 2021
gorl stares at purple infinity moon Dec 11th, 2021
Icecream cooks their family and regrets it Nov 27th, 2021
Long string bean is the winner! Nov 23rd, 2021
stuck in an electric prison Nov 23rd, 2021
A ghost and a mosquito on a rainbow Nov 23rd, 2021
Kangaroo Eats Space Invader Nov 17th, 2021
Evil one armed barney's running fast Nov 10th, 2021
markiplier being sexy and cooking fish Nov 10th, 2021
A man commands (?) a woman to lift a rock Nov 9th, 2021
young woman spray paints abstract graffiti Nov 9th, 2021
drawception sorcerer supreme Nov 9th, 2021
Drawception drawing screen Nov 8th, 2021
Guy drinking espresso Nov 8th, 2021
Toothless the dragon is up to no good Nov 5th, 2021
Sherlock Holmes, the chicken. Nov 4th, 2021