December 1st, 2020   Doesn't have a drawing tablet :(

Haddiman has drawn 100 drawings and authored 546 captions across 646 games. They follow 10 players and have 5 followers. They've earned a total of 962 emotes!

The word "booty" drawn big and pink. Dec 18th, 2020
Clown Shooting Dec 21st, 2020
An anime girl Dec 21st, 2020
There is more Pink than there is Red Dec 18th, 2020
Hairdresser Dec 14th, 2020
Toad Programming Dec 15th, 2020
Blue man with top hat and pony tail Dec 15th, 2020
ibuki mioda (dr v2) Dec 13th, 2020
Captain of The Gravy Train Dec 13th, 2020
Injured Minotaur Dec 12th, 2020
The Polar Express 2: Electric Boogaloo Dec 9th, 2020
The moon is the second imposter Dec 11th, 2020
Raft Sculptor Dec 11th, 2020
Dumbledore Dec 10th, 2020
A coffee mug made out of Pikachu Dec 5th, 2020
Dragon Sculptor Dec 1st, 2020
Gingerbread Cat Dec 3rd, 2020
Pet Gnome Dec 3rd, 2020