December 5th, 2020   Central Goiky

Rosstastic has drawn 1,151 drawings and authored 411 captions across 1,562 games. They follow 165 players and have 70 followers. They've earned a total of 2,974 emotes!

Pearl(SU)Swallows a Kitten next to Amethyst Aug 4th
Luigi shoots Mario with rubber band Sep 12th
Zhaombie hamburger Sep 11th
Oil floats on water Sep 4th
Step One: Dance Party Jan 11th
Step One: Summon Bill Cipher Aug 19th
remake the first drawing you drew on d-cep Jul 17th
Superman Jul 12th
Step 1: Be a Digimon tamer Jul 4th
Person celebrates their 1st drawversary! Jul 5th
drawception D plunging into eternal torment May 9th, 2020
Eric cartman Jun 30th
First Place Architect Jan 24th
Step 1: Get a hobby Jan 12th
Mars Actor Jan 30th
Unconventional Yoda May 28th
Vibri May 27th
POV: You're fighting a Dark Souls boss May 8th