Spruce Tree

January 5th, 2021   An Empty Gravy Boat

Spruce Tree has drawn 80 drawings and authored 58 captions across 138 games. They follow 47 players and have 36 followers. They've earned a total of 589 emotes!

Tired Clown
Feb 6th, 2021
Gigantic Letter B
Feb 5th, 2021
Cthulu, lifeguard, at his stand. Feb 5th, 2021
elephant business man walks his elephant dog Feb 5th, 2021
angry goose is fed up with duckman Feb 5th, 2021
Bee tycoon
Feb 5th, 2021
Muscular Marge Simpson torturing Homer Feb 5th, 2021
Llama streching Jan 15th, 2021
Turkey Attack!
Jan 15th, 2021
Square has symbathy for triangle Jan 15th, 2021
Ace card with leaf on it Jan 15th, 2021
Baby grabs ice cream cone from baby’s head Jan 15th, 2021
crying bunny poop Jan 15th, 2021
Valet parking
Jan 11th, 2021
Engineer Jan 11th, 2021