February 4th, 2021   Giving this website CPR

SavageWalter has drawn 1,271 drawings and authored 1,330 captions across 2,601 games. They follow 135 players and have 132 followers. They've earned a total of 9,660 emotes!

Santa's sexy elf has definitely been nice. Dec 14th, 2021
+15 social credit china xijinping zina meme Dec 12th, 2021
Yeah I'm bri'ish. 'owd you know? Dec 12th, 2021
Elsa looks at you, smitten Dec 11th, 2021
Poland and Ukraine having miserable time Dec 11th, 2021
a drawception game Dec 11th, 2021
Happy tophat in love Dec 11th, 2021
strawberry bra Dec 10th, 2021
sussy chrismass hat man in rain nani? Dec 10th, 2021
Goth girl Dec 9th, 2021
British broadcasting sysyem Dec 8th, 2021
Gerard Way Dec 7th, 2021
Tornado siren Dec 6th, 2021
Man asks if witch's name is Label Dec 5th, 2021
confused witch thinks about question mark Dec 4th, 2021
Malaysian Island Infantry Dec 4th, 2021
close up of a lady falling backwards Dec 2nd, 2021
russian woman wearing winter clothes Dec 1st, 2021