March 26th, 2021   UK

Banjostig66 has drawn 59 drawings and authored 168 captions across 227 games. They follow 1 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 287 emotes!

Snail with a hat on water May 25th
Blood seeping from computer monitor May 5th
Banana in the Matrix Apr 7th
Hi (Throws peace sign) Apr 7th
Discord arguing Apr 4th
thumbs up to the french flag Apr 4th
bitcoin rising Apr 1st
Eye with fire as pupil crying Apr 1st
lock with mustache cheats on his wife Apr 1st
Wild missingno appeared Apr 1st
Drawing Therapy: Draw all of you angry feels Apr 1st
Guy with red cowboy hat and Red X Apr 1st
ice beard Apr 1st
Edward Scissorhands Apr 1st
Jackfilms Apr 1st
Ridiculous Mona Lisa Apr 1st
Psychologist Apr 1st
Zelda with a sword Mar 31st