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SpuddyPotato has drawn 67 drawings and authored 306 captions across 373 games. They follow 4 players and have 3 followers. They've earned a total of 483 emotes!

Stalking a microwave Oct 8th
How it feels to be alone Oct 8th
The bee agenda involves active volcanoes Oct 8th
someone took a bite out the book Oct 8th
guy shoots whatsapp Oct 8th
Tropical sunset Oct 8th
Meteor Oct 8th
Sonic wasn't fast enough Oct 8th
Dream Oct 7th
A lot of eyes Oct 7th
drawception d is very happy Oct 7th
melanie martinez dead infront of a school Oct 5th
uk flag (long live tea land) Oct 4th
Microsoft Pain. (Paintbrush cut in half) Jun 20th
a moon lined with human toes Jun 8th
Rick Astley is a tennis racket Jun 8th
art criticism Jun 8th
avocado in space Jun 8th