Not so normal

August 18th, 2021   Deported to Arstotzka

Not so normal has drawn 284 drawings and authored 140 captions across 424 games. They follow 312 players and have 116 followers. They've earned a total of 2,869 emotes!

Duck gets ready to fish Oct 5th, 2021
Man rides giant rock with a mermaid tail Oct 1st, 2021
robot that sings Sep 29th, 2021
Contents of a Banana Sep 28th, 2021
Foot ball Sep 23rd, 2021
Flower kitty Sep 23rd, 2021
forest growing on donut Sep 23rd, 2021
scary black monster in day Sep 22nd, 2021
sad fich :( Sep 21st, 2021
snowball plays violin Sep 21st, 2021
Downvote Sep 21st, 2021
Silhouette man screaming while petting a dog Sep 20th, 2021
"There's coffee in that nebula" Sep 20th, 2021
man with very small face Sep 18th, 2021
oven mitt Sep 16th, 2021
Epic Influencer Sep 16th, 2021
Man blending his hand Sep 16th, 2021
peppa pig is depressed Sep 15th, 2021