some kid on the internet

August 21st, 2021

some kid on the internet has drawn 92 drawings and authored 73 captions across 165 games. They follow 12 players and have 0 followers. They've earned a total of 236 emotes!

Potato enters the marathon Dec 10th, 2021
burger king foot lettuce Dec 9th, 2021
Souls escape from drawception portal Nov 16th, 2021
Demon guy yeets an apple Nov 16th, 2021
Complimenting buff guys hat :) Nov 16th, 2021
Clock loves his new tie Nov 16th, 2021
Drunken snowman Oct 30th, 2021
Youtuber goose Oct 29th, 2021
A pointy-nosed Russian Doll Oct 29th, 2021
a crying pizza!!! oh no!!! Oct 29th, 2021
Ankha???? Oct 29th, 2021
guy carries poop? Oct 28th, 2021
Kirbo at the Beach Oct 28th, 2021
gay icecube touches octopus Oct 28th, 2021
sonic fights mario in the market Oct 14th, 2021
sad cyborg frog Oct 14th, 2021
Meat from Vinny Vinesauce glowing Oct 13th, 2021
Cat Sleeping Oct 12th, 2021