September 6th, 2021

Attempt2 has drawn 9 drawings and authored 5 captions across 14 games. They've earned a total of 45 emotes!

Carpenter Fighting Jan 16th
guy bets his arm on a game Jan 3rd
Guy takes WAY to many shots, bartender is mad Jan 2nd
peter griffin is secretly greg from doawk? Dec 29th, 2023
Planters peanut mascot smirking at viewer Dec 27th, 2023
The Wafflepwn remote incident Nov 14th, 2023
mmm fried goomba being fried Nov 7th, 2023
Jesus is anti lightning Nov 7th, 2023
Kintsugi (= fixing broken things with gold) Nov 6th, 2023
middle aged Saitama asks if he deserves sales Nov 5th, 2023
Mario’s granny Nov 5th, 2023
let him in let him in let him in let him in Jun 13th, 2022
Confused dogs on sail boat Sep 8th, 2021