September 24th, 2021

ascuro has drawn 46 drawings and authored 35 captions across 81 games. They've earned a total of 202 emotes!

SKUNK Dec 10th, 2021
Minecraft skeleton shoots spaghetti man Dec 10th, 2021
Among us guy on mars with a tree Dec 8th, 2021
gloomy doctor covered in blue blood Dec 7th, 2021
sleeping girl Dec 7th, 2021
angry projector otter Dec 6th, 2021
Polydactyl cat Oct 1st, 2021
beppy boop cleaning a big bottle of hunny Sep 29th, 2021
2000s Attack on titan Sep 28th, 2021
Porcupine, but, cuneiform Sep 28th, 2021
Bloodthirsty Morgana Sep 28th, 2021
momma bird Sep 28th, 2021
nerdy goth Sep 28th, 2021
water bottle exploding Sep 28th, 2021
Toast wearing a Top Hat Sep 28th, 2021
Minnie Mouse Starving Sep 28th, 2021
Cereal jumping out of the bowl Sep 28th, 2021
small boy walks dog Sep 28th, 2021