October 17th, 2021

heywhatthe has drawn 96 drawings and authored 143 captions across 239 games. They follow 0 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 546 emotes!

bald guy sad at empty box Dec 14th, 2021
Holy Arabic creeper scares Steve Dec 14th, 2021
girl strangling cool guy with glasses Dec 10th, 2021
Bird accidentally lays an egg Dec 10th, 2021
space cowboy makes surprised pikachu face Dec 6th, 2021
Face frozen in fear Dec 1st, 2021
Anything's edible with a burger bun around it Nov 30th, 2021
Pirate finds you in a treasure chest Nov 29th, 2021
A smile among the stars Nov 25th, 2021
Mellow Moon Nov 25th, 2021
baby squidword yeah Nov 25th, 2021
Dual wielding hotdog terrorising people Nov 24th, 2021
lil puffball Nov 24th, 2021
Poltergeist-repelling cake slice Nov 23rd, 2021
bomb guy is drunk Nov 23rd, 2021
chef approves brown square Nov 23rd, 2021
Fortnite is the planet of Uranus Nov 23rd, 2021
Dipping the brush into blue paint Nov 23rd, 2021