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Level: 44
Joined: March 29th, 2012
Location: Longueuil, Québec
1699 XP (86 to next level)

Latest Games

Purple city wizard sits on bed in alleyway Dec 17th +22 xp


crying-with-laughter emoji Dec 17th +4 xp


Prop gun Dec 16th +5 xp


duck sings about lemonade Dec 16th +8 xp


Evil goat cat. Dec 16th +5 xp


sportacus Dec 16th +2 xp


War of the cereal mascots! Dec 13th +14 xp


Ninja throws sausages in the trash;is relieved Dec 12th +4 xp



man throws blood bag Feb 25th +4 xp


Spilt french fries wait for the elevator Dec 8th +14 xp