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Level: 34
Joined: April 19th, 2012
Location: DE
909 XP (45 to next level)

Latest Games

green cyclops killed a bird in the rain. Aug 10th +1 xp


some weird dude eating shit. Jun 22nd +7 xp


Naked fat guy, death by chocolate Jun 20th +4 xp


hillbilly handfishing Jun 19th +2 xp


Water fountain sprays loser in face Jun 18th +4 xp


Head yelling with red stripes on head. Jun 13th +4 xp


Strawberry eye forever Jun 6th +8 xp


Man has rainbow brain,uses psychic power Jun 6th +10 xp


Old man says morse code to sleeping baby Jun 1st +4 xp


dude being poked May 30th +6 xp


Potato laughing his ass off May 30th +10 xp