April 19th, 2012   Lafayette, Louisiana

Melissa4306 has drawn 173 drawings and authored 31 captions across 204 games. They've earned a total of 361 emotes!

Spike is a slave for Twilight Sparkle Sep 7th, 2012
rocky threatens reflective glass Sep 7th, 2012
Mans tears do the dishes Sep 6th, 2012
girl getting bad grade Sep 6th, 2012
Ariel and kesha dumpster dive together Aug 4th, 2012
[ NSFW (18+) Game ] Aug 4th, 2012
Ink-covered God falls down the stairs Aug 3rd, 2012
hulk's cover of new album: Loki at me! Aug 3rd, 2012
You are not a nerd, goddamn hipster girl Jul 26th, 2012
The Dick Knight. Jul 24th, 2012
Hogwarts student becomes ninja,pink hair Jul 24th, 2012
Obama thinking srs bsns Jul 24th, 2012
The most embarrassing night ever Jul 15th, 2012
Soap on a rope Jul 14th, 2012
Cthulhu and a cow in a bikini Jul 14th, 2012
French Pirate Fish Wants YOU Jul 14th, 2012
Mario and Luigi are shocked by the PS3 Jul 14th, 2012
.38 revolver on the edge of a table Jul 7th, 2012