April 21st, 2012

shyfirebird has drawn 589 drawings and authored 2,191 captions across 2,780 games. They follow 13 players and have 11 followers. They've earned a total of 12,247 emotes!

red hade men Oct 27th, 2018
plague doctor crying blood Oct 27th, 2018
a pink gnome Feb 28th, 2016
Snowman in armor and a... fedora? Dec 4th, 2015
Oh, Cthulhu! Dec 1st, 2015
Life of Pi zza Nov 29th, 2015
Skull with afro is put in your coffee Nov 28th, 2015
owl Nov 26th, 2015
Oooohke it's the big bad wolf at the door.... Nov 25th, 2015
The Funniest Question Nov 24th, 2015
Raccoon in drawception D scarf Nov 24th, 2015
I DO Nov 20th, 2015
Man drinks beer with duck lips Nov 18th, 2015
2020: the countdown has begun Oct 29th, 2015
I don't trust blue ghosts with lightsabers. Oct 27th, 2015
Nsfw Oct 27th, 2015
Drawception job interview Oct 20th, 2015
Panel 0 is too cheesy to not be in the game Oct 20th, 2015