April 27th, 2012   US

Chauffrey has drawn 2,123 drawings and authored 145 captions across 2,268 games. They follow 227 players and have 611 followers. They've earned a total of 58,417 emotes!

naked pikachu party Oct 18th
blue bird with clown nose standing on yellmo Oct 17th
Someone called JB is an old-fashioned sleuth. Oct 17th
D blushing and giving hearts Oct 16th
Happy little pumpkin Oct 16th
Spooderman-Trump fusion Oct 16th
Kirby Gets Sent To Prison Oct 16th
A tomato with a nose eyes moustache and feet Oct 7th
trumpfield Oct 7th
The Earth is a Triceratops Oct 4th
Hogging a grave Aug 6th
Spider Donut Aug 6th
swordfish with pants Jul 31st
Batman shouting at you Jul 30th
Broken heart Jul 29th
Frog Remembers Her Childhood Jul 29th
humanoid cow dancing Jul 25th
annoyed worm dad talking to his son Jul 24th