April 30th, 2012   une canadienne errante ❤

sambchop has drawn 4,281 drawings and authored 17,377 captions across 21,658 games. They follow 905 players and have 1,070 followers. They've earned a total of 193,679 emotes!

Peanut on farm Apr 23rd
sexy homer..? Apr 23rd
Squidward paints Spongebob Apr 23rd
Lady whose hair is a purple monster Apr 23rd
Choose your starter Pokemon! Apr 23rd
Reindeer eating a purple can Apr 23rd
What do anteaters fear? Apr 23rd
Yoda in a bikini Apr 23rd
Pac-Man Apr 23rd
girl chasing boy Apr 23rd
It's just gray. Maybe a cave? Apr 23rd
mouse romance Apr 23rd
Licking a candycane Apr 23rd
dreaming of triangles Apr 23rd
a man exploding by a beach Apr 23rd
guy hates spaghetti Apr 23rd
Burger wearing a tuxedo. Apr 23rd
Popcorn watches murder Apr 23rd