The Paul

May 3rd, 2012   Florida

The Paul has drawn 10 drawings and authored 885 captions across 895 games. They follow 55 players and have 9 followers. They've earned a total of 2,151 emotes!

Squirtle Squad! Mar 18th, 2016
Miraculous Ladybug Mar 16th, 2016
"Who needs arms with legs like these?" Jan 21st, 2016
Santaur Jan 22nd, 2016
the formula for a top game Jan 21st, 2016
Halvin & Cobbes Nov 10th, 2015
Your Skeleton Wants Out Oct 28th, 2015
Ood (Doctor Who) Oct 11th, 2015
Princess Peach vs Princess Bubblegum Sep 26th, 2015
Banjo-Kazooie Sep 25th, 2015
Dora the Xplorer Sep 23rd, 2015
There's a monster at the end of this book! Sep 22nd, 2015
Zurg was Luke's Father Sep 19th, 2015
What's the name of the song in the background? Sep 18th, 2015
Hsien-Ko rakes the autumn leaves Sep 22nd, 2013
Im friends with the monsters Sep 17th, 2015
ultra rare pepe the super sayan Sep 11th, 2015
Stewie Gryffindor Sep 11th, 2015