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Sporkles has drawn 1,948 drawings and authored 116 captions across 2,064 games. They follow 66 players and have 389 followers. They've earned a total of 33,937 emotes!

Not-cho-cheese... my cheese... Dec 28th, 2013
Winnie the Pooh is a Grizzly Dec 28th, 2013
Mona Lisa velociraptor Dec 27th, 2013
C3PO giving birth to Cthulhu Dec 28th, 2013
Daleks celebrate Christmas! Doctor is unamused Dec 27th, 2013
Sexy krampus Dec 26th, 2013
Use de fork, Luke! Dec 26th, 2013
Creepy Woody murders Buzz (Toy Story) Dec 26th, 2013
Ewoks' christmas Dec 25th, 2013
Pringles man is Film Noir detective Dec 25th, 2013
Cthulhu Hamlet Dec 23rd, 2013
Alice's Restaurant Nov 29th, 2013
Skeletor Nov 29th, 2013
an angsty ghost romance Nov 28th, 2013
Who watches the watchmen? Nov 28th, 2013
Much PS3 really wow so intuitive for Seale Nov 27th, 2013
This is why we can't have nice things. Nov 11th, 2013
R2D2 tries to blend in with the Daleks Nov 10th, 2013