May 5th, 2012

darklink_shadow has drawn 425 drawings and authored 759 captions across 1,184 games. They follow 12 players and have 10 followers. They've earned a total of 3,708 emotes!

The most overpowered little girl in existence Feb 19th, 2015
Rengar has ebola Nov 25th, 2014
Boba Fett joins Team Rocket Mar 6th, 2014
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Nov 8th, 2014
Shakespearean Drawception Oct 23rd, 2014
Danny Devito Originally Considered as Batman Oct 23rd, 2014
I Togepikachu in the shower. Sep 28th, 2014
My heart is like a rainbow shell... Sep 13th, 2014
Brick in the Wall pt1 Sep 9th, 2014
Jesus plays a mandolin and sing about fish. Sep 6th, 2014
Beekini Aug 16th, 2014
Tengen Toppa Beedrill Lagann May 20th, 2014
SA-X from Metroid Fusion plays gold saxophone Feb 2nd, 2014
An old convict ponders the universe once free. Nov 28th, 2013
The world is a vampire sent to drain Aug 13th, 2013
A flamingo in Egypt Feb 18th, 2013
The Legend of Sambchop: A Corvax to the Past Feb 8th, 2013
Karuta Feb 5th, 2013