March 27th, 2012   Ireland

Dizzard has drawn 163 drawings and authored 661 captions across 824 games. They follow 4 players and have 1 followers. They've earned a total of 2,111 emotes!

Your Country ball PIO Aug 28th, 2016
Trigglypuff Aug 24th, 2016
Man infers that you don't know his ambition Aug 18th, 2016
Pink Pika Aug 17th, 2016
Cubone lays on grass Aug 17th, 2016
voldemime Aug 17th, 2016
him from powerpuff girls Aug 16th, 2016
poor orange cries because it's mouldy Aug 14th, 2016
Shakira's hips are her conscience. Apr 22nd, 2015
The golden idol within the temple Apr 21st, 2015
The Grudge Apr 19th, 2015
Frog with ET finger flips you off Apr 17th, 2015
Heart with wings says they has my dragons Apr 17th, 2015
Lana Del Rey killed by video games bf Aug 23rd, 2012
LucasArts Adventure Game Aug 22nd, 2012
herold learns about Pikachu Aug 21st, 2012
The Weeping Angels Aug 2nd, 2012
♪Medium pimpin'...♪ Jul 29th, 2012